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Preset Quality

The easiest way of choosing a level of compression for your MP3 files is to use the Preset Quality slider.


The Preset Quality slider allows you to choose from several levels of quality and resultant file sizes. As you choose higher quality, the file size goes up as well. On the other hand, lower quality presets will be smaller and easier to send over the Internet.


Preset  Bit rate Mode  LAME   

=====   ====== =====  =====   

Phone   16 kbps Mono  X  

Shortwave  24 kbps Mono  X

AM Radio  32 kbps Mono  X

FM Radio*  96 kbps Stereo  X (J-stereo) 

Voice    64 kbps Mono  X

Radio   112 kbps  Stereo

Tape   128 kbps  Stereo

Hi-Fi   160 kbps  Stereo

CD   192 kbps  Stereo

Studio   256 kbps  Stereo


The default is CD quality (192 kbps, Stereo).


* Note that the FM Radio bit rate is higher than the next preset quality, which is Voice. Voice is @ 64 kbps and FM Radio is @ 96 kbps. The reason that there is a discrepancy is because Voice is mono and FM Radio is stereo. If you were to divide the FM Radio bit rate in half, you would have 48 kbps per channel, which is lower than the Voice preset.