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Ripping A CD


mp3_wav_ogg_wma_cda_converter_imgs\ebx_-422723850.gif (Available in Audio Converter Pro.)


Ripping or converting a CD track into a WAV, MP3, WMA or OGG is incredibly easy with Acoustica Audio Converter Pro.


1. Insert an audio CD into your CD drive.


2. Double click "My Computer"


3. Right click on the CD drive that you just put the audio CD in and select "Explore"


4. Right click on the track that you’d like to rip and then select "Convert To…" followed by selecting the format you’d like to rip to!


That’s it! No clunky interfaces to load. The software automatically names and tags the tracks by looking up the CD on the freeDB so that its not simply called "Track1.mp3", etc.