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Specific Format WAV files

The last alternative can be used for special situations where you need all your resultant WAV files to be in a specific format. For example, you can use this if you need all your WAV files to be mono.


Sample Rate

The sample rate is the number of sound points per second. For example, 22,050 Hz means that there will be 22,050 samples of sound data every second. You can also type in the sample rate if its not in the list.



Stereo means that the resultant files will have a left and right channel. Mono means that there is only one channel.


Bits Per Sample

Each sample is stored in a finite number of bits. The more bits you use, the less noise is introduced to the sound. However, the file size will also get bigger as higher bits per sample are used. The default is 16 bit. 8 bit sounds may sound noisy especially for subtle dynamic sounds.


mp3_wav_ogg_wma_cda_converter_imgs\ebx_-422723850.gif (Available in Audio Converter Pro.)

In Audio Converter Pro, you can also set the bit depth to 24 bit, 32 bit or 32 bit float which very specialized systems or programs may require.


(Note that CD Quality format is the same as specifying a sampling rate of 44,100 Hz, a mode of Stereo and Bits Per Sample of 16 bits.)