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WMA Options

To get to the WMA File Options, go into the Options and click the WMA tab. If you do not see a WMA tab, you may not have WMA support properly installed.


WMA is a second generation compressed audio format.


The main option on this screen is the quality format, which is chosen by moving the slider. The possible settings are:


Preset Bit rate Mode  Frequency Response

=====  ====== =====  ==================

1  16 kbps Mono  8,000 Hz  

2  32 kbps Stereo  22,050 Hz

3  48 kbps Mono  44,100 Hz

4  64 kbps Stereo  44,100 Hz

5  96 kbps Stereo  44,100 Hz

6  128 kbps Stereo 44,100 Hz (default)

7  192 kbps Stereo 44,100 Hz


Never create files that are higher in size or quality.

When reconverting in batch mode you may not want to have some low quality files reconverted to larger files if the quality does not improve.


For example, if you have an 11,025 Hz WAV file and you have you’re WMA encoding options to create 128 kbps, 44,100 Hz, stereo WMA files, this option will make sure that a more appropriate WMA format is chosen. In this case, it would choose 32 kbps, 22,050 Hz, stereo as the destination WMA format.


Include File Tags

If this option is checked, the software will write the artist, album, title, genre and comment into the newly created file.