Quick Start
Comparing Pro versus Basic Converter
Converting Basics
       How to convert!
       Ripping A CD
       Creating WAV files
       Creating MP3 Files
       Creating WMA Files
       Creating OGG Files
Supported Formats
       Conversion Formats
       Wave Files
       MP3 Files
       WMA Files
       OGG Files
       Play Lists
Options Dialog
       Options Overview
       General Options
             General Options tab
             Converted Audio Files Directory
             Processing Power Usage
             Play sound when done?
             Prompt before overwriting files?
             Display errors on exit if errors occur?
             Always convert all files in play lists (.m3u, .pls). Do not prompt me.
             Open the Converted Audio Files directory when all conversions are finished.
             Preserve folder hierarchy with converted files
             Temporary Files Directory
       Wave File Options
             Wave File Options
             CD Quality
             Best Suited
             Specify Settings
       MP3 File Options
             MP3 File Options
             Encoder Engine
             Preset Quality
             Specify MP3 Settings
             MP3 Format Optimizer
       WMA File Options
             WMA Options
       OGG Options
             Preset Quality
             Specify Settings
       CD Ripping Options
             Store Songs In Folder With Artist's Name
             Use Artist In Song's File Name
             Use Album In Song's File Name
             Use Track Number In Song's File Name
             Look Up CD Track Info On Freedb
             Rip Speed
             Error Handling
             Jitter Correction
       Audio Processing
             Normalize all converted files to X%
             Automatically Remove Silence
             Warn About Incomplete Songs
       Ok, what am I doing wrong? How do I use this?
       I do not see an option to convert to or from WMA files!
       Does this program burn audio CDs?
       Are the original files replaced by the converted files?
       Right clicking fails to display the right click menu item!
       Conversions are taking a long time.
       I have a purchased a registration code and its not accepting it!!!
       I have not received my registration code! Isn't it about time!
       Where are my MP3/song files stored?
       Some converted files are very quiet. How do I make them the same volume?
       Ripping CDs/Converting CDA files
       Track names are not correct when ripping.
       Converting to OGG is real slow!
       What play lists are supported?
       Can I run it via the command line for batch files, etc?
       Why does that directory keep popping up after the converter is finished?
       My problem isn't in here!