Audio Converter Pro Version History

07/10/09 Version 1.1 b25

  • Added new Primo CD ripping engine.
  • Other misc bug fixes
  • Now requires XP or Vista (32 bit)

Download 1.1 b25

06/22/07 Version 1.0 b24

  • Fix to mp3 tags - Windows Media Player did not read them properly!

Download 1.0 b24

08/02/06 Version 1.0 b23

  • Fix for converting to mp3 files. Tags were not compatible with some players/programs.

Download 1.0 b23

06/05/05 Version 1.0 b22

  • Fix for converting audio files with bad chars in track names such as :?.\ etc
  • Other fixes relating to reading bad audio files

Download 1.0 b22

05/13/05 Version 1.0 b21

  • Fix for registry reading related crash in a weird way.

Download 1.0 b21

04/15/05 Version 1.0 b20

  • Removed DRM'd WMA ability from build. (Although version 19 complied with the Microsoft DRM rules, it actually was still calling up the Internet to see if it was OK to convert. With the converter, according to Microsoft, no file with DRM can be trans-coded.So why did Microsoft even bother to license it to us? Regardless. you can only burn these songs after purchasing the burn rights for about 70 to 90 cents per song.
  • Fixed problem when right clicking and the right click menus had not been set up...Would happen if trying to run the software in an account that it was not installed on.

Download 1.0 b20

04/14/05 Version 1.0 b19

  • Fixes tag issues with WMA (Track number missing)
  • Fixes bug converting some small sounds
  • Fixes issues with Save As dialog when another file exists with the same name.
  • Fixes bug when ripping CDs and tag info. (Was not using genre and track #)
  • Fixes bug when converting to WAV and then back. (Tags were not being preserved!)
  • Fixes bug that allowed some users to convert WMA's with DRM.
  • Fixes reading of MP3 tags made by Real Networks

Download 1.0 b19

04/01/05 Version 1.0 b17

  • Fixes Mp3 nag screen when converting to mp3 issue
  • Fixes possible crash / mem overwrite when launching preferences.
  • WMA issue on WinXP SP2 (the weird one).
  • Fixes the plus turns into pro issue.

03/17/05 Version 1.0 b15

  • Fix for converting more than 2000 songs at a time.
  • Fixes for changing to converter plus and back
  • Fix for mp3 id3v2 genre tag not carrying over
  • 'Never convert to higher bit rate than necessary' works again.
  • Dropping files to the converter pro icon works again.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

08/16/04 Version 1.0 b9

  • Ripping Audio CDs now tags files.

Download 1.0 b9

07/11/04 Version 1.0 b8

  • Initial release!
  • Converts OGG, CDA, MP3, WAV, WMA!

Download 1.0 b8

04/04/05 Version 1.0 b18

  • Fixes obscure CD ripping problem when attempting to lookup info from the freedb.