Audio Converter Pro Testimonials

"I've tried many audio converter paywares and so far, I haven't come across one that is better than Audio Converter Pro. Your product has surpassed my expectations, becuase of its ability to convert my purchased download mp3 music to wav format, and then back to my desired mp3 format after digital editing with my creative X-Fi sound card. I am truly experiencing a higher level of audio fidelity playback (better than the original)! Keep up the great work guys and I look forward to any enhanced upgrades from you when available. "

–Anthony Yong

"In my line of work, the faster you can "batch" something, the more time you have for a coffee break. Radio production moves fast. Really fast. So when I found out that someone had created software that would let me convert from and to almost any format - PLUS normalize - PLUS control the quality ... with a right click of the mouse?  I didn't need a ton of bricks to fall on top of me.  Almost everything you hear on the radio that's recorded nowadays is shipped digitally. That means compressing and uncompressing .MP3s and WAVs as fast as you can.  I've checked out the other stuff. No thanks. Acoustica knows what my brain and hands are doing, and slipped themselves comfortably right between them.  If you're not converting with Acoustica Converter Pro ... you're wasting your time.  Excuse me ... my coffee's getting cold."

–Mark Blackwell

"Thank you for an excellent and remarkably easy to use program. I also have your CD/DVD Label Maker, which I purchased shortly after I bought my first computer 18 months ago. Best Regards,"

–Doug Bays, Ontario, Canada

"This tool is a pleasure to use! If you have a MP3 player and want to fill it up, there is no better, more convenient and effective way to move music across. What used to take up my spare time (i.e stripping my jazz CDs manually, laboriously and with renaming of songs), simply can be achieved in 10 minutes with nothing more than one right mouse click for an entire CD."

–Nishy Sri Lanka

"Put simply, intuitive, fast, fun, economical and perhaps the last remaining reason to maintain a Windows based system. LINUX next perhaps?"


"Really easy to use. A "must" tool for quickly feeding your MP3 player!"

–D. Wens Genval, Belgium

"I tried 3 other products and realized right away this was the best choice. It is great to have the option to try it before you by it, unlike purchasing software from a retailer where you usually cannot return it once opened. I write music and this is a great tool to prepare my compositions for inclusion in multi-media work. The feature that impresses me most is the right-click access and the use of the intrinsic Windows functionality. If you are going to use Windows you might as well get the most out of it, and this program is a great example."

–Don Johnson Edmond, Oklahoma

"A great flexible piece of software that is straightforward to use. Clean up all those audio files scattered over your hardrives, convert the lot and burn to removable media. Another chore done."

–Brad Barnes Australia

"I keep finding more great features. You can convert "batches" by simply right clicking on multiple file selections. For example, insert an Audio CD, click on "My Computer", RIGHT-click on the CD Icon (after it starts up, you can close your media player), select format to convert to, and from there it will convert every audio track on the CD and put them in a folder. Or, you can "explore" the CD and "multi-select" the tracks you want by using the control button (just like you would select any multiple files in Windows to copy them), right click on the files you selected, select the format to convert to and it does the rest, very fast. This is a very solid tool!"

–Don J.

"Now this is how software should be written! I downloaded at least 10 different programs (some free, some not) and not one of them worked like they should have. I uninstalled them all within a few minutes of trying them out ... and then I tried this one. This one works great and is so simple to use! I tried it for 10 or 15 minutes and was so impressed that I bought it. If you're looking for audio converter software - this is the one you want."


"The software is excellent, simple to use, efficient and with high quality output. More of this! Greetings,"

–Reinhard Wirtz

"I've been using your Acoustica Converter Pro for quite a while now and I must say the results are excellent. My congratulations for a fine work. Again, many thanks."

–Luis Alfonsa Iglesias Argentina

"Just bought Acoustica Audio Converter Pro- fabulous sound and easy to use. Congratulations! One feature I would like to see is the list of actual track titles on a CD before converting the entire CD to MP3s - that way I could be selective in choosing what I would like to convert - save a heap of time. Thanks!"

–Martin Fine

"This app is great! File conversion is easy, and you can even set it for CBR MP3 conversion instead of VBR, which makes the converted files even more compatible for other uses. It's worth every penny for its ease of use, excellent support dbase, and utility. I'm so glad I found Acoustica!"


"First, I want to thank Acoustica for all of your great products especially Spin It Again and Acoustica Audio Converter Pro. When I first bought the Pro Converter, I did not think that it would improve the quality of creating MP3 files from CD's as compared to using the i-Tunes audio processing. I really was wrong about this processing. The Pro-Converter is an easy way to rip Mp3's from CD. In addition, the quality and the sound is superior to i-Tunes especially when I play the MP3 files files using my IPOD in my new Toyota Camry. In fact, I am in the process of converting all of the Mp3 files created by i-Tunes and replacing files processed by the Audio Pro-Converter."


"ABSOLUTELY SUPERB! I downloaded the free version which has to be the simplest bit of software ever produced! Its so easy even I can use it, simply right click on one of your music files and the usual windows box that opens has the extras, like convert to wav or mp3 etc, simply click that option and it does it. I now have a "ringtone" on my phone that originally was on an audio tape. My daughter has one from her favorite group!! Don't miss this superb bit of modern technology!! AAA++++ This is the first time I've ever rated anything it that's good :-)"


"It is a very simple program to use. The right click option to convert files to whatever you wish and into a Folder called 'converted files' is as easy as it can get. The program is simple but does a lot."

–L. Citrign

Thanks I used your product here at work and was impressed by how easy it was to use. I am thinking of getting this software as a tool for home use. Thanks for the 'testdrive.'

–Dennis G. Cannon

A fantastic quality product, it installed effortlessly and after I purchased the registration code it went down to business converting the large amount of mp3`s that i had needed to re convert. Thanks!


"Acoustica is the most user friendly company I have ever dealt with. Through several computer crashes and hard drive failures I have needed them to provide me again and again with my registration codes. Absolutely no problem, it is there within a couple of hours. Not like one of the MAJOR Anti-virus Software Companies...I bought the complete utility package, was installing it on my computer ready for the codes...when I was ready to punch in the codes I looked and the sticker on the envelope was missing, I called them and they said in order to get a new set of codes I would have to send the complete package back, pay $24.95 plus shipping and they would send me a new program. Allow 6-8 weeks for shipping. No exceptions. I'll never buy their products again. Acoustica is can't get a better product or customer service."

–Patti F

"I used Audio Converter Pro to convert audio conferences to .wma. By doing so, I reduced the total amount of audio file storage space by 75%! AND ... I did it all within just a couple of hours!"