Beatcraft Testimonials

"I am a Berklee grad trying to completely computerize my recording setup. I've spent stupid amounts of money buying things like Sonor X1, etc., and all the music shops are pushing the $300 drum sequncing programs. Here's the problem. I've been programming drum machines since the 80's when they first came out, and have gotten paid to do so. However, none of the expensive drum programs that I've reviewed is programmable like drum machine. So at the suggestion of a friend who has been using Acoustica products, I bought Beatcraft because the price was no issue even if the product wasn't good. But the product is great, in fact better than anything else I've come across. Anyone who has ever dealt with a Boss Dr. Rhythm or Alesis machine can instantly use this program without really needing to study or spend time and money on a midi controller. I'm so happy with it that I bought the Mixcraft program on principal, although I haven't yet gotten into the nuts and bolts of that as I'm now writing drum parts for about 15 songs. I'm sure it will be every bit as good and easy to use."

-Tim Culbertson

"Congratulations for this software! It's really easy and intuitive to use. I play guitar and compose songs, so I was in the need of a drum machine to help me on my home recordings and I came across this jewel. It totally filled my needs and pleased my ears. I recommend this software to anyone!"


"Acoustica was nice enough to let me try the product before purchasing it. I had purchased an interface at a large retailer and was slightly disappointed in the way the software worked, with beatcraft there was no hesitation in purchasing it after the trial. It performs exactly as I needed it to and is very consistent in its performance unlike the other software i bought that is supposed to be the "industry standard". thank you very much Acoustica."

-Rob F

"Nothing compares to the metronomical rhythm and multiple instrument/kit versatility at my disposal with this program. Absolutely amazing! Thank You Beatcraft!"


"You guys did such a good job on the Beat mixer. I can now tell that flake drummer dude in my living room to clear out and take his massive drum kit and beer cans with him! Very easy to use..... And I was so happy. Open it up and there's my beat in mixcraft. Recording Nirvana."


"I have been a professional studio/performing musician for over 20 years. This software sounds great and is truly a pleasure to work with. I recommend it. Thank you for providing something useful in this price range. "

-Jerome Heitmann, Tennessee

"Beatcraft is the best. It's cheap and easy to use."


"Thanks for a great product. You made our lives easier."

–Bil Lema, Keyboard Player, Crimson Tyde

"Hey there! I've been looking around for drum machine software for a few weeks. A friend of mine pointed me to fruity loops, but I didn't want that. It was a bit complex for my taste. Then I found your software off of! It's easy to tweak, you can drag and drop and you even included effects per sample! All for under $50??? I'm going to get my purchased version come payday!"


"I create very fast, hard rock/metal music, and I was always worried as to whether Icould find a drum machine suitable for this. With Beatcraft I certainly did!"

Greg Bird / United Kingdom

"Since I began my slow search for the perfect drum machine about 5 years ago, I have wasted a lot of money. I should have just saved it all and bought one of those $4000 ones at the guitar shack. But, since I did it the hard way, I found Beatcraft. I love this program. It's easy...very easy...but can also be very hard (powerful). Depends on how deep you want to get. Every track, note, and sample can be edited to different volumes and pitches. That's my favorite part. So far, I haven't had too many tracks for one seems endless...I'll let you know. Bet that I spend more time playing with this than I do playing my bass and guitar."

- beatastic houston

"Acoustica Gang, man...I gotta tell ya...I love your BeatCraft product!!! I'm a guitarist with The Backwoods Band of north central Kentucky, and a "living room studio" recording engineer. A few months ago I was searching the net for some drum sequencing software...huallah...I found BeatCraft. I installed the demo, messed with it a while, and then bought it! I've constructed many, many beats and sequenced them for use in my home recordings and I don't know how I lived without it. Your samples are awesome quality and the dynamic control is extraordinary! I assume that you receive an incredible amount of music that was produced in part with your BeatCraft software...but if you have time or care to listen, you can listen to what I have used your software for by visiting the Backwoods Band website: I've re-created two cover tunes: Last Kiss - Pearl Jam version & Get Ready - Rare Earth version . I learn something new about the software every time I use it...and I have a long way to go in discovering the full potential of I'll be a customer and user for life! I'm 40 I figure I've got 30 more years to enjoy BeatCraft. I hope to see updates and upgrades on the horizon soon! Thanks for designing such great stuff!"

- Mike Appleby Kentucky

"To be honest, I was a little worried about this software. I heard that it didn't use VST instrument plugins. (It uses VST and DirectX- ed) I have been using Drumkit From Hell 2 made by East West which is about a hundred bucks, and I thought it was terrible and all it did was give me headaches. I was in shock to find out how incredible this program sounds and is in general for such a cheap price. I play mostly death metal, and with a program like this, I couldn't believe it was still possible to produce the same types of beats. I don't believe I will ever stop using Beatcraft since it's helped me create my own music and backing tracks to come of my favorite bands and songs such as Children of Bodom's "Sixpounder". I will be checking back for updates on Beatcraft software all the time! Thank you so very much for the incredible software!"

- Mark Location Springfield, Mass

"This has opened up a new world for me. Having a studio with limited space, forced me to try out some drum programs. But, it's mostly Heavy, thrash and death Metal that we record. So I never thought a "program" would be good enough to replace a Metal Drummer. Well, I was wrong. The Beat Craft is so much better than I had ever thougth. You can make it do everything. If someone would like to see what it can do to a metal song, just follow this link and listen to the song Incubus: We are very happy with the BeatCraft. Have a nice day!"

- Lasse, MetatungsticK

"I have played drums and percussion (as well as other instruments) over the years for arranging and producing my music. I have used drum machine hardware, digital synths with built-in drum programs and other computer software. To date, your Beatcraft drum software has been the easiest and sweetest device I have used. It has allowed me to install my own kit from personal samples along with other sounds that I wanted sequenced in for simplicity. With your last updates, I have had no problems using 3rd party VST effects with your software. The resulting drum tracks are beautiful, they are mine and they are reliably consistent. The bottom line on composing and recording is: the easier it is to get what is in your head tracked - the more you can rely on inspiration instead of mechanics; which is often the difference between a composition that is lifeless, and one that sings to you. Thanks, guys!"

- G Coghill Richmond, Va

"I have had this software less than 2 weeks. It is really easy to use. I have only used the help a couple of times - more to find out what it would do rather than how. It is very intuitive, and I programmed a song exactly as per the record (10 different patterns) in 4 hours or so learning the program as I went. Not bad for someone who does not know a quaver from a crotchet. Took the track to rehearsal on CD & blew the boys away. It sounds like a real kit through even a small PA and there are plenty of ways to tweak the sound if you want to."

- John Smith Australia

"Alright to understand what I'm about to say, I have to start by telling you that my band does not trust me with the drum set. Spearing one head was too much. So, I hardly know how to play but wanted backup on the guitar to make my own music alone without buying drums and getting lessons, all that jazz. The Acoustica Beatcraft program is so simple and creates realistic beats for such a tiny price! Thank you so much, this is one hell of a program!"

- Zombie Leroy

"I've been playing drums for 25 years, have owned a Yamaha RX11 and used various other drum machines. Beatcraft is sooooooo easy to use! I was making patterns in minutes and both my kids use it, they think it's great. I'll be using Beatcraft along with my real drums in rehearsals from now on."

- Geraint Wales

"Personally I've never actually been into drum machines and a lot of digital sampling stuff as some of these types of programs can be a bit intimidating (well they are for me!!!). But now I've finally found a drummer that doesn't speed up and slow down when he feels like it, does exactly what you want when you want and never argues and has no opinion :) I'm in the middle of building a PC specifically for recording at the moment and after using the trial for one day i am totally converted.. Thanks you've made my life a lot easier..."

- Gary Brennan

"My name is Iyke Robinson (A.K.A)dj Untee. I have been looking for a perfect software to make a personal beat for the past 1 year, until i came across BEAT CRAFT from Acoustica, infact, it´s exactly what i wanted, easy to use and excellent sound, I LOVE BEAT/MIXCRAFT. Sincerely, Iyke."

- Iyke Robinson Spain

"Your drum machine Out of all the digital drum machines I used in my time I'd have to say yours is the strongest and easiest to use. Please keep me updated on any other musical software you might be developing. Thank You!"

- Henry Jenkins

"Very effective and easy to use drum machine. The Swing function is incredible, it allows you to create realistic drum loops in no time. Highly recommended software."

- DJ Excellence (Hip Hop DJ and producer) (Remix Example) Paris, France

"This program is great! I stumbled across it on the internet and decided to try it out. Ever since then, me and my friend have been making guitar riffs and drum beats for days on end. I just cant seem to stop producing music with Beatcraft. Its the best program I've seen."

-Anthony US Army Iraq

"For all you metal heads guitarists out there this program is awesome for metal and death metal or any style for music i been trying to find the right program for a long time to make my drum beats and i finally found one its the best drum software out there i also play drums to but it makes it easer to ware you don't have to mic all the drums and its less time and save money to. Believe me this is perfect for metal, i'm glad i downloaded the demo and i'm going to buy the software soon. Thanks Acoustica - you saved me time and money."

- Garret Thomas Belton Missouri

"I have worked with Beatcraft and I believe it would be a very useful to anyone in the business of making music."

- Rodney B.

"I love your sampler its as good as fruity loops as far as sampling go's to me looping is hard to fine tune and also i think you guy's need to put a piano roll for sounds /samples your pre-made samples sound great you need soft synth sounds up date me on all new add-ons for beat craft keep up the good work in 3 or 4 years you guys will be a top program maker please add more stuff to beat craft because i love it peace your friend driveslave.........."

- Drive Slave

"I've been a professional musician for a long time. I've played with Ace Frehley of Kiss..Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and Damage Plan.. Tommy Stewart of Godsmack.. Bill Adams of Halloween and Sponge.. Donny Allen of Halloween.. Slaughter.. and a few others. And I gotta tell ya, this software is impressing the hell out of me!"

- Eric VanLandingham Makes this Drum Machine scream...

"I love Beatcraft!!! Phenomenal interface - very intuitive and pleasing to use. I haven't had a chance to dig really deep into it, but you know what an interface moron I am. So many music programs are waaaay too hard to figure out, and if I don't think that it is absolutely what I want, I don't even try it. This one I just fell into. Most things I wanted to do, I was able to do by just trying the first thing I thought of that made sense. Huge accomplishment!"

- Doug

"I must say I love BeatCraft, I've tried a few other programs only trial versions but none were as cheap and easy to use as BeatCraft normally companies would like $200 or more for a program this good but Acoustica has done just that for alot cheaper, as I type this I'm currently in the progress of creating a instrumental album with all the beats done with BeatCraft."

-Kennie Ontario,Canada

"I would like to extend my gratitude to the Acoustica team for creating such a user-friendly and great sounding percussion software program. Thank you!!!"

- SpeakingBeast