Beta Testing

We take pride in having bug free software and we know we can't do it alone which is why we ask for your help!

Public Beta

Mixcraft Beta Page

A public beta means that the software is in the final stages of bug fixing and enhancement before release. We feel that this is ready for most people to use. However, we know of a few errors and we want you to know that we are working on them.

NOTE: If you have a problem/error with beta software, please do not go through the normal support channels. Please submit bug reports on the individual product beta pages (above). Please mention the version number and the fact that it is a beta. (Also note any special instructions in the 'Notes' area) If you enjoy testing, we encourage you to sign up to the beta team.

If you are looking for a beta product and can't find it, it probably has been released. Please check the main products page.

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