Mixcraft Beta

Product Version Updated Status Download
Mixcraft 9.0 Build 430 11/11/19 Beta
** Please uninstall any older beta v9's when installing this update**
Important information if encountering a freeze! PLEASE WATCH!

Note: THERE WILL BE BUGS! This is beta software and is not ready for commercial release, so we’re counting on you to report bugs. Please provide detailed bug reports, including, if at all possible, steps to reproduce. We’ve done our very best to ensure that our beta software is solid, but we know there are bugs hiding in the software, and we need your help to find them!

Also Note: Documentation is not yet available! Please feel free to ask us questions about new features.

Here are some of the main changes in version 9 since version 8

  • New, modern look everywhere
  • Detachable/dockable interfaces
  • Curved automation envelopes and lots of other envelope improvements
  • Tempo envelope on Master Track
  • Pitch envelope on all audio clips
  • New vocoder tracks and vocoder effects!
  • Audio tracks can be monitored and tuned without arming tracks
  • Micro-fades in and out available on all audio clips
  • New MIDI step sequencer
  • Tons of improvements to the MIDI piano roll editor
  • Major changes to effect dialogs, including the ability to add MIDI control, audio control, and (new!) LFO control directly in the effect’s window
  • New available mixer panels including Gain, Drive, Compressor, Parametric EQ, Oscilloscope, and Spectrum Analyzer
  • Old Acoustica and Classic effects have been replaced with lots of exciting new Toneboosters effects


Method 1 (Preferred Method)

Submit a bug directly via Bugzilla bug tracking system.


Please note that you will upload attachments after submitting the bug via Bugzilla. Also, if possible, please zip up all files into one zipped attachment, especially if the files are over 200KB.

Method 2

Email in the bug in the form below

If you have any problem, PLEASE SEND US YOUR LOG FILE! To get your log file, click ">Start" followed by "All Programs", followed by "Acoustica Mixcraft 8", followed by "Logs". This will bring open the folder with the log file!

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