Why's the Align Menu Disabled?

Why's the Align Menu Disabled?

The Align menu aligns objects on your label. If you don't have an object selected, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker doesn't know what to align, so this menu will be disabled.

Select a text object, shape, or image by clicking on it, and a selection frame will appear around it, indicating that the object is selected and that you can move it and resize it, among other things. Once you've selected an object, the options on the Align menu will be enabled and eagerly waiting for you to click on them.

Bonus tip: If you're trying to align or justify the text within a text object, the Align menu isn't the place to do it. Instead, launch* the

Text Properties Dialog

, then go to the

Justification page

of the dialog. If your text object isn't a Tracks object, its toolbar will also have a little justification control on it that you can use to quickly set the horizontal justification (for vertical justification, the Text Properties Dialog is your only option).

* To launch the Text Properties dialog, you can either:

1) right-click on the text object and select the "Properties" option from the menu that pops up

2) select the "Properties" option from the "Text" menu

3) or click the little button on the text object's toolbar that looks like a chevron

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