Click on the Backgrounds tab along the top-left side of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker's main window, and you'll see thumbnails of all the pre-built background images that we ship with the program. Click on any one of the thumbnails, and it will become your label's background image.

If you want to edit your background image or, heaven forbid, remove it altogether, you'll need to escort your mouse over to the label window and right-click on the background image, which will popup a menu with various options for taking care of your background-editing needs. If you're not a right-clicker, you can, alternatively, select the Background option on the main menu.

Editing Background Images

Selecting the Edit Background Image option from the Background menu will bring up a list of things you can do to your background image. Here's the lot:

90 degrees clockwise: Rotate the background image 90 degrees clockwise.

90 degrees counterclockwise: Rotate the background image 90 degrees counterclockwise.

180 degrees: Rotate the background 180 degrees.

Flip vertical: Flip the image vertically.

Flip horizontal: Flip the image horizontally (make a mirror image of it). 

Convert to black and white: Technically, we should describe this as "convert to grayscale." 

Invert (make a negative): Reverse the color of every pixel in the background image (if this doesn't make sense to you, just try it).

Make brighter: Make the background image a little bit brighter.

Make darker: Make the background image a little bit darker.

Reload: Reload the background image in its original form, discarding any of the editing options in the above list that you may have performed.

Of course, if you try any of these edits and you don't like them, you can always click on the "Undo" button to get rid of them.

More Backgrounds

We've got lots more background art than we could fit into our download file. Open the Help menu and click on the Check for new art option, and we'll launch your browser with the URL of our extra-art page. 

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