The Change-Paper-Type Dialog

This dialog lets you change the paper type (or LightScribe drive, or direct-to-disc printer) of any label you're editing. You can access this dialog by selecting the "Change Paper Type/Output Target" option from the "Edit" menu.

You can also change your paper selection from the paper-types combo box at the bottom of the label window, shown here:

The "Change Paper Type" dialog, however, shows you a picture of the layout of any paper type you select, so if you're not sure exactly what kind of paper you've got, this dialog can help you find the right template to match the paper you're planning to print on.

The row of tabs at the top of the dialog lets you switch between labels. For a CD project, for instance, the "disc" tab lets you choose the paper type/printer/LightScribe drive for your CD label; the "front/inside" tab lets you choose the paper type for your jewel case front insert; and the "back" tab lets you choose the paper type for the U-card jewel case back insert.

The listbox at the left side of the dialog lists all the available paper types/direct-to-disc printers/LightScribe drives available for the type of label you've chosen. Whenever you select a new option from the list, the picture to the right of the list will update to display the layout of the selected paper type.

OK button: saves your changes and exits the dialog

Cancel button: discards your changes and exits the dialog

If you need to adjust the offsets or sizes of the labels on one of your label sheets to account for printer alignment problems, try the "Edit Paper Templates" dialog.

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