Choose a CD Drive

Choose a CD Drive

This dialog pops up when Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker wants to know which of your many CD drives holds the CD that you're trying to read track information from. Your job is to tell it. Just click on the drive letter of the drive that holds your CD and then, once it's selected, click the "OK" button. If you're energy-conscious and you're trying to conserve mouse mileage, you can double-click on the drive letter instead.

If you don't remember which drive holds the CD (but you're sure one of them does), you won't do any terrible damage by picking the wrong drive. The program will either import tracks for the wrong CD or display an error message indicating that there's no CD in the drive you picked. In either case, you can just click the "Import" button on the Tracks dialog again to rerun the process and select the right drive this time.

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