Colored Shapes

In case clip art, background images, and text objects aren't enough to satisfy your creative needs, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker offers a small assortment of colored shapes that you can plaster all over your labels. Click on the "Shapes" button on the main toolbar, and a dialog will pop up that will let you add them to your label. You can move and resize these shapes just like any other objects: move them by clicking on their title bars or the shapes themselves and then dragging them; resize them by clicking on and dragging any of the little red resize bars scattered around the shape's borders. (These borders, I should add, are only visible when the shape is in a "selected" state, meaning that you've clicked on it and haven't clicked on anything else in the meantime.)

Once you click on a shape that you've added to a label, you should see a little shape-editing toolbar appear beneath it. If there's no toolbar, click on the little "T" button in the shape's titlebar. These buttons, taken from left to right, let you:

* change its shape

* change the shape's background color

* move the shape in front of all other objects on the label

* move the shape behind everything else on the label (except the background image, if any)


One of our favorite ways to waste time with shape objects is to drag them around the screen a little bit at a time, as if we were creating slow motion pong games or sunsets, and then play them back like movies by holding down the Ctrl-Z (undo) key until everything comes to a stop, then playing them back in the other direction by holding down the Ctrl-Y (redo) key. This accomplishes absolutely nothing, and will not help you create CD labels. But you might enjoy that sort of thing.

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