The "Edit Text" Window for Angled or Curved Text

The "Edit Text" Window for Angled or Curved Text

When you set a text object to an angle (see the Text Properties Dialog "Text Angle" page) that's sideways or upside down, you won't be able to edit it by just clicking on the text object, the way you normally do. While I was writing the program, I tried editing text sideways and upside down, but I had a roaring headache within a minute. I don't wish to cause pain to any of our users, so I added a right-side-up editing window to use when your text isn't upright. When you set your text to be sideways, upside down, curved, or spiral, the text object's toolbar will grow a new button, away off to the right side: 


Click on the button and the program will launch a window like this one:


You can edit your text in this window. Any changes you make will show up back on your label as soon as you close the window. (You can close the window by clicking on the X in the upper right hand side of the window's title bar.)

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