The Insert-Paper Dialog

The Insert-Paper Dialog


This dialog will prompt you to insert one or more sheets of the paper types you've chosen for the labels you've chosen to print. The buttons on the dialog will behave as follows:

Print: print the label(s)

Cancel: cancel the entire printing operation.

Skip: don't print this label; if you've selected more than one label to print, the dialog will advance to the next label.

Help: launch this help page.

If you're printing more than one of your labels, the dialog will appear multiple times. If you're printing, say, a CD label and a CD jewel case back insert, the dialog will appear twice, once to prompt you to insert your CD label paper, and again to tell you to insert the jewel case back paper.

If you're printing the jewel case front/inside on a paper type that has a single face instead of a book arrangement, you'll get prompted to insert the paper for it, and then you'll be asked to reinsert the paper upside-down so that Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker can print the jewel case inside on the back of the paper. Make sure the fronts have finished printing and you've reinserted the labels before you click the "Print" button on the "reinsert upside-down" dialog.

Printing for the First Time:

If you're printing with a new type of label stock for the first time, we recommend that you feed plain paper into the printer instead, even though the insert-paper dialog has told you to insert sheets of your label stock. This way you can check your printer's alignment before using up any of your relatively expensive label stock. Once it's printed on plain paper, you should be able to see if it's aligned correctly by putting a sheet of your label stock on top of your freshly printed sheet of plain paper, making sure they line up exactly on top of each other, and then holding the two sheets in front of a light so that the printed label on the plain paper underneath is visible. This should help prevent you from wasting custom paper stock tracking down your printer's alignment problems. For more information on setting your printer's alignment, see the

Printer Alignment



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