The layouts feature is a way to take advantage of other people's creativity. We're not always in the mood to lay out each of our labels, and decide where we want to put the tracks listing, and how to arrange it, and whether we want a title on the label, or a dedication, or any number of other things. We want the program to do it for us. So we added layouts to the program. If you click on the Layouts tab (near the top left of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker's main window), you'll see thumbnails of pre-built layouts you can try. Just click on one, and Acoustica will rearrange your label to match the layout you've selected. A layout can include text fields (including tracks arrangements), colored shapes, and/or images. If you don't like a layout you've selected, you can either click on another layout, click the "Undo" button, or click on the "roll your own" layout, which will remove all layout-specific elements from your current label.

Creating Your Own Layouts

Creative genius that you are, you probably won't have played with Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker for very long before you wind up inventing a label design of such majesty that you want to save it to reuse on future labels. When this happens, open the File menu, click on Advanced, and select the Save Current Label as Layout option. You can't miss it; it's currently the only entry on the File | Advanced menu. 


Selecting this option will bring up a dialog that lets you save the current label as a layout. You can save whichever elements you like: text fields, colored shapes, and/or images. You can also specify which label types you want to be able to use this new layout with. Once you've typed in a name for your new layout and clicked the OK button, your new layout will show up under the Layouts tab along with all the pre-built layouts that we supplied with the program. We hope your marvelous new layout won't mind slumming it with all our comparatively pedestrian pre-supplied ones. 

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