Getting Around CD/DVD Label Maker

Getting Around in Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

We've split the program's main window into two pieces: on the left, tools or ingredients; on the right, your actual labels (or, if you like the ingredients metaphor, "stew"). It's set up this way because it's hard to concentrate when the tools you need aren't handy. When we want to try out a new background on a label, we don't want to launch a file-open dialog, search for the right directory, select an image, and close the dialog. That's way too much work to repeat for every single background we might want to look at. We want our backgrounds and clip art and so forth available all the time, so we can try out new ones without having to organize a search party. 


Consequently, there's a row of tabs along the top-left side of the program, labeled, respectively, "layouts", "backgrounds", "art search", and "art browse". Clicking on one of the tabs brings up one of the categories of stuff you can add to your label. Clicking on "backgrounds," for instance, brings up a list of little thumbnailed images of all the built-in backgrounds you can add to your currently selected label. Click on a background, and it becomes your label's background. Click on another one (or use the arrow keys to select another one), and now it becomes your label's new background. We think that's pretty straightforward.

Hiding the Tools Window

Of course, you may be the type who can't abide distractions. "How can I concentrate on perfecting the elements I've already chosen for my label," you may say, "if I've got all these other backgrounds and clip arts tempting me?" I know I tend to be this way in chocolate shops. So if you want the tools window to go away altogether, you can click on the left arrow button at the bottom of the window. This will make the labels window take up the entire screen. Once you do this, the left arrow button will turn into a right arrow button; clicking on it will bring the tools window back again.

Making the Tools Window Bigger or Smaller

Perhaps you want, like me, to have your tools window visible, but you find the cosmic balance between the yin of tools and the yang of labels (or vice versa) is a little off, and you'd like a little more or less of the tools window. This is easily solved. When you want your tools window to be bigger or smaller, you can click on the border between the tools and labels windows and drag it to size things however you want them. The mouse cursor will change into a little horizontal resizing arrow whenever it's over the border.

The Label Tabs


If you've ever wondered, "How do I edit all the different labels that a CD has?" or "What's that row of tabs along the upper right hand side of the window for?", then you've come to the right paragraph. The row of tabs above the labels window corresponds to the different label faces you can design. Clicking on a tab will bring its respective label to the foreground so you can play with it. Clicking on a label tab will also change the tools/ingredients windows to display the available backgrounds and layouts for the new foreground label.

The "Display Tracks" Button


We presume that your CD or DVD has something on it. Not many people make CD labels for blank CDs - although if that's what you're doing, we certainly have no objections. And not many people want to type in their tracks list once to display on their disc label, and once again for the front of their jewel case, and once again for - well, you get the idea. We've created a special


list so that you can just type in your tracks list once (or let the program import it for you, if you've got a playlist file), and then display it on whichever labels you like. If you click the Show Tracks button, the program will display your tracks list on the current label. If you click it again, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker will hide your tracks information. For more information, see the

Displaying Textsection.

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