New Project Dialog

New Project Dialog


This dialog lets you start fresh with a brand new, blank set of labels. All you need to do is decide what sort of new label you want to create:

CD only: this creates a project with a lone CD label (or DVD label if you'd rather, since they're interchangeable) unaccompanied by jewel case or DVD inserts of any kinds. There's actually no advantage to choosing this project over choosing one of the CD/DVD + case project options and then just not designing or printing the case labels, but if you're a minimalist and you need to dispense with all distractions - such as extra label tabs - to be at your most brilliant, then this project type is your thing.

CD with jewel case: this creates a project with a CD label, a CD jewel case insert to slide into the front of your jewel case, and a CD jewel case back insert to attach inside the back of the jewel case.

DVD with DVD case: this creates a project with a DVD (or CD) label, a DVD case cover for wrapping around the inside of a DVD case, and a DVD case insert for inserting into the left-front panel of the inside of the DVD case.

DVD with half-size case: this creates a project with a DVD (or CD) label and the cover and inserts for a half-size DVD case, which is a DVD-style case with a wraparound cover but a size that's closer to a CD jewel case than a standard DVD case.

Mini/Pocket CD: this creates a project with a mini CD label (a CD with an 8-centimeter diameter instead of a normal CD's 12-centimeter diameter), plus a jewel case insert to slide inside a mini-sized jewel case.

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