Playlist Search Dialog

Playlist Search Dialog

If you've got a playlist file that you want to import song names from, but you can't remember where the file is, then this dialog is for you. It will automatically search your hard drive and display a list of all the files it finds that appear to be playlists. You can just scroll through, click on the one you want, and click "OK", and the label maker will automatically import that playlist for you.

Here's what all the buttons on this dialog mean:

OK: close the dialog and import tracks from the playlist file you've selected

Cancel: close the dialog without importing any tracks

Help: Given your presence here, we suspect you already know what this button does.

Stop: tells the program to stop searching for playlist files. Once the search is complete, this button will become disabled.

Replace Existing Files: If you check this box before importing a playlist file from this dialog, the tracks that get imported from that playlist will replace any existing track information. If this box isn't checked, tracks you import here will get appended to the end of your existing track information.

If you're searching for an iTunes playlist, keep in mind that this dialog will only find playlists that you've exported from iTunes with the iTunes export feature. In this case, you'll find it faster and easier to click the iTunes button on the Tracks dialog instead, since the

iTunes playlist

dialog will read all your iTunes playlists instead of just the ones you've exported.

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