Preferences Dialog "Auto-Run Options" Page

Preferences Dialog "Auto-Run Options" Page


This page lets you decide whether or not to launch the instant-label wizard every time you start Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker, and whether or not the program should automatically change the text justification when you switch a text object to a round background.

The Always run the new-label wizard at program startup checkbox:

If you check the "Always run the new-label wizard at program startup" box, the wizard will automatically run whenever you start the label maker. If you uncheck the box, the wizard will never run unless you explicitly tell it to by choosing the Instant-Label Wizard option from the File menu.

Of course, there's an exception. If you launch the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker by double-clicking on a label file in WIndows Explorer or by dragging a label file onto the Label Maker's program icon, the wizard won't run at startup even if you have the always-run checkbox checked. Our logic was that the wizard is used for creating a brand-new label, and if you're launching the program by double-clicking a label file, you don't want a new label, you want to edit the one you just double-clicked. We hope we have not erred in this assumption.

The Remember last-used project type at program startup checkbox:

By default, the software creates a blank CD project when it starts. If you check this box, it will remember the project type (CD, DVD, or mini-CD) you were working on the last time you used the software and create a blank project of that type when you start the program. So if you were working on a DVD project the last time you ran the software, the next time it launches it will create a blank DVD project for you to work on.

The Inquire about safety margins with printable discs checkbox:

When you're printing directly onto a printable disc, the label maker will pop up a dialog asking whether or not you'd like to print with an extra one-millimeter safety margin around the label and hole boundaries. This is handy while you're working out your printer's alignment, but once you've got things locked in, you'll probably want to skip the safety margin and stop getting asked about it. If you check the "don't ask again" box on the safety-margin dialog, the label maker won't ask you on future print jobs whether or not you want to print with the extra margin; it'll just assume you don't. Unchecking the "Inquire about safety margins with printable discs" checkbox here serves the same purpose as checking the "don't ask again" box on the safety-margins dialog.

The When changing a text object's shape to round buttons:

Lots of people think that if you display text within a round shape, the text will look goofy unless it's centered. Others say that non-centered text within a round shape can add dash and spice to an ordinary design, and can  rouse people to rethink their placid assumptions about the natural order of things, much like Stravinsky's Rites of Spring or the shower scene in Psycho. For our part, we've tried to remain agnostic about this. To accommodate all sides of this raging debate, we've added this set of buttons:

Always center the text: when you change a text object to have a round shape, the program will automatically convert the text to centered justification.

Never center the text: when you change a text object to have a round shape, we'll just pretend it never happened, at least from a text justification point of view.

Always ask me: when you change a text object to have a round shape, we'll ask you whether or not you want us to center the text for you.

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