Preferences Dialog "LightScribe" Page

Preferences Dialog LightScribe Page


This page lets you set display options that apply when you're editing LightScribe labels. If you don't have a LightScribe drive installed on your computer, or if you haven't installed the LightScribe System Software on your computer, this page won't be available.

You can bring up this page by selecting the "LightScribe" option on the Preferences dialog. Launch the Preferences dialog by selecting the "Preferences" option from the "File" menu.

Enforce Title and Content Mode Boundaries: LightScribe supports special title and content modes that print faster but do so by only allowing you to print on narrow bands of the disc. There's a combo box near the top right of the label maker's main window (pictured below) that allows you to switch between these modes. If you check the Enforce Title and Content Mode Boundaries checkbox, switching modes with this combo box will actually switch LightScribe modes, changing the area of the disc that you're allowed to design with; if you uncheck it, switching modes will just change the layout (the location and size of text fields) to match what you'd get if you were really using LightScribe modes - basically it'll just act as a jumpstart to your label designs without limiting the area of the disc that you can use.

Display Title and Content Mode Boundaries: If you check this box and you're editing a label in title or content modes, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker will draw boundaries on your label (on the editing screen only -- not on the printed label) indicating the areas outside which nothing can get printed. Note that this checkbox (and the color button underneath it) will only be enabled if you've checked

the Enforce Title and Content Mode Boundaries box.

Color: Click this button to change the color in which the title/content mode boundaries appear.

Eject Disc After Printing is Done: If you've got this box checked (the default), your LightScribe drive will eject the disc in it whenever it finishes printing a LightScribe label or encounters a LightScribe error that requires your attention.

Default LightScribe Mode: By default, when you launch Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker or start a new project and you've got a LightScribe drive set as your paper template, you'll start out with a title-mode disc. This combo box allows you to change this so you get presented with a content or full-mode disc and layout instead.

Here's a summary of the three LightScribe label modes:

Title Mode is the fastest of the three LightScribe modes. It attains its speed by limiting the printing area to a 1.02-centimeter circular band. Title mode has just enough room for a row of circular text at the top of the label and another at the bottom of the label. Anything you place on your label outside this circular band will be invisible when you're working in title mode.

Content Mode is the second fastest LightScribe mode. It limits the printing area to a 2.29-centimeter circular band. Content mode has enough room for a title at the top of the label plus a listing of your disc's first six tracks or file names at the bottom. Again, anything you place on your label outside the content mode's circular band will be invisible when you're working in content mode.

Full Mode is the slowest LightScribe mode, but it allows you to use the entire printable area of your LightScribe disc label. 

Reset: Click this button to reset all controls on this page to the system defaults.

OK:  Click this button to save your changes and exit this dialog.

Cancel: Click this button to exit the dialog without saving your changes.

The settings on this page only apply when you're editing a label for a LightScribe disc. If you've got a LightScribe drive and none of these settings appear to have any effect, make sure that you've selected your LightScribe drive from the paper-types combo box at the bottom of the screen.

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