Preferences Dialog "Miscellaneous" Page

Preferences Dialog "Miscellaneous" Page


This page lets you set a variety of options that don't fit neatly into any of the other preferences categories.

Embed images in saved files: If this box is checked, whenever you save a project, all the images you used in the project will get saved inside the project file itself. Checking this box will be a big help if you plan to copy a project to another computer, or if you're planning to delete, move, or rename any of the image files you used when you were designing the labels in your project. However, since it embeds a full copy of each image in your saved project file, those files will be much larger as a result.

If you're pressed for hard-drive space, uncheck this option, and then instead of storing the image file itself in your project files, it will just store the path and file name of the images, and load them separately each time you subsequently open your project. Your project files will be much smaller, but you'll need to make sure you haven't moved, renamed, or deleted any of the image files you used, or the label maker won't be able to find them when you try to reopen the project.

You can override the setting you've made here for any project. When you bring up the "Save As" dialog, there will be an "Embed images inside file" checkbox on the dialog so you can turn image embedding on or off for particular projects. The checkbox may be checked and disabled if you've saved the project previously with embed-images enabled (in which case the label maker may no longer know where to find the original image files) or if you've pasted images from the clipboard onto a label in your project (since clipboard images exist only in memory and don't have file names, they must be embedded in the project file).

Extra High Contrast Window Background: Checking this option will cause the window background behind the labels you're editing to be darker than normal, so if you have a monitor with poor contrast ability, you can still see where the edges of your labels are. 

Create a log file:  If you check this box, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker will log various events to a special text file. This will slow down the label maker, so we don't recommend using it except under special circumstances. You should only need to check this box if something freakish is occurring with the label maker and someone at Acoustica has asked you to turn logging on and send us the file so we can try to figure out what's going on. In all other circumstances, leave this box unchecked.

Don't auto-set paper bin or media type: When you're printing a printable CD or DVD on an Epson or Canon printer, the label maker will attempt to automatically set the paper bin and/or the media type to use when printing. It does this because the printer will display an error message and refuse to print if the correct settings aren't made. For Epson printers, the software will set the paper bin to the "Manual" option (which corresponds to the CD tray). For Canon printers, the software will set the paper bin to the "CD Tray" option, and if the media type is set to one of the paper values, it'll set it to the "Printable disc (recommended)" option. 

The label maker only sets these options when you're printing on a printable disc; when you're printing on paper, you'll get whatever options you already had selected. If you check the Don't auto-set paper bin or media type box, the label maker will no longer automatically set these values.

Don't Save Printer Settings: If you click the "Properties" button on the Print dialog and make changes to your printer settings, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker will save those changes and remember them the next time you bring up the Print dialog. If you check this option, it won't remember your settings, and will instead just use whatever the system default settings are for your printer unless you change them for a particular print job by bringing up the printer's Properties dialog again. We've added this option because some models of printer seem to be unable to re-read saved option settings correctly and will claim that the CD Tray is the only available printing bin even when you're printing on paper instead of a printable disc. If you're having this problem, try checking this option and then restarting the software.

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