Preferences Dialog "Stretch Labels" Page

Preferences Dialog "Stretch Labels" Page


This dialog lets you account for printer alignment errors by telling Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker to stretch all your labels when it prints them. If your printer doesn't print precisely where it's supposed to, but it's always off in exactly the same way, you can use the

Printer Alignment Dialog

to fix it. If it's not wrong consistently enough, however, you'll need to use the brute force method of stretching all the labels by a millimeter or two, which will result in the label being slightly larger in every direction. So even if your printer prints too high one pass, and too low the next, or likes to feint left and print right, you'll be set.

We generally recommend setting the stretch labels amount at one to two millimeters. We also recommend that you don't put important stuff, such as text, within a millimeter or so of your label borders or the CD hole unless you have a fabulously reliable printer, because otherwise it stands a good chance of getting chopped off when you print it.

But don't stretch plain-paper labels: This checkbox lets you specify whether or not you want to apply your stretch settings to labels you print on plain paper. By default, this box will be checked, which is our recommendation. The stretch labels settings are designed to overcome problems with your printer's alignment so that you can fit labels onto premade forms. But since plain paper doesn't have any pre-perforated labels that you need to line your labels up with, stretching isn't necessary, and in fact will only make your labels bigger than they need to be.

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