The Your-Label's-Too-Darn-Big Dialog

The Your-Label's-Too-Darn-Big Dialog

If you're printing a label on plain paper and it's so big that it overlaps your printer's unprintable area or even the edges of the paper itself, you'll get to spend some time with this dialog.

You can't print your label full size in all its glory, but Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker will help you make the best of things. Here are your options:

Scale the entire label down to fit:  This will make the entire label smaller so that it will fit on your paper. If you've got a DVD case label that's 10 millimeters too wide, this option will shrink the entire label to make it 10 millimeters narrower. The advantage is that everything you put on your label will still print, if at a slightly smaller size. The disadvantages are that the label will get shrunk both horizontally and vertically, even though the paper was too small in only one of those directions, and because the label is getting rescaled, any fold lines that get printed might be slightly off. This option is probably the best available, though.

Chop some millimeters off each side:   If your label is 10 millimeters too wide, the program will chop 5 millimeters off each side. This is good because your label will still be symmetrical, and it will only get chopped in one direction (i.e., horizontal or vertical, but not both). But it's bad because it chops off some of the label you worked so hard to create. It's a good option if you don't have any interesting content near your label edges.

Ignore the overlap:  You can always pretend the overlap doesn't exist. If your label is 10 millimeters too wide and you choose this option, the rightmost 10 millimeters will get chopped off. We don't think this is your best choice, but you may have your reasons. We won't pry.

If you check the "Always print this way; don't ask me again" box before clicking the "OK" button, the program will use your choice to handle printer overlap from now on without asking you, so you'll never see this dialog box again.

OK: click this button when you've made your choice and you're ready to move on.

Cancel: click this button if you've decided you don't want to print this label after all.

Help: we suspect you've already got some experience with this button. But if you enjoy this help page, feel free to click it whenever you want.

What else? If you've got more than one printer, try 'em all. You might find that another of your printers has a small enough unprintable margin that the entire label will print on it without being shrunk. Or if you're sure your printer is capable of edge-to-edge printing, you made need to set an option in its printer-properties dialog (accessible from the

Print dialog

) or select a specific printer bin to print from in order to get your printer to actually print edge to edge.


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