Adjust Shape Size & Position

Adjust a Shape's Size & Position Dialog

This dialog lets you change the size, position, and aspect-ratio preservation of a shape you've added to your label. All units in this dialog are in millimeters.

You can access this dialog by right-clicking on a shape and selecting the "Adjust Size/Position" option from the menu that pops up or by clicking on a shape to select it and then selecting the "Adjust Size/Position" option from the Shape menu.

Lock Size and Position: Check this box if you've got a shape in the exact position and size you want and you don't want to accidentally move or resize it. Once you've locked a shape, you'll be unable to move or resize it until you unlock it again. Please note that if you've got this box checked, the other size/position controls on this dialog will be disabled.

Distance from label top (mm): The distance from the top edge of the label to the top edge of your shape.

Distance from label left (mm): The distance from the left edge of the label to the left edge of your shape.

Width (mm): The width of your shape, in millimeters.

Height (mm): The height of your shape, in millimeters. 

Preserve original aspect ratio: When this box is checked, if you change your shape's height, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker will automatically adjust the width (or vice versa) so that the shape's height and width are always exactly equal. If you uncheck this box, you can change your shape's height at will without affecting the shape's width (or vice versa), and consequently make your shape as stretched or scrunched as you like.

OK: Closes the dialog and saves your changes.

Cancel: Closes the dialog and discards any changes you made in it.

This dialog lets you set absolute positions for a shape without regard to where they're overlapping label boundaries, so you can end up moving a shape to be in the hole of a CD label, or outside the label altogether, so that it's not visible. If you do this accidentally (or purposely, and later change your mind), but you're unable to select the shape to move it, click on your label (to give it the keyboard focus), and then pressing the Tab key will cause focus to tab through all the objects on your label, and your shape will eventually get selected.

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