Text Properties Dialog "Background" Page

Text Properties Dialog "Background" Page


This page lets you choose the shape of a text object you've created with Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. You can select from these categories:

Shape: Rectangle or Round

Choose rectangle, and your text object will have a rectangular background. Choose round, and its background will be roundish (to be precise, it will be an ellipse).

Speech Balloon

This feature lets you make your text object into a speech or thought balloon, such as you have probably seen thousands of times in the newspaper comics pages, or in comic books, or on billboards, or, perhaps, in an imaginative moment, in the clouds. Select Speech Balloon, and your text object will have a triangular tail that you can drag around and resize until it points wherever you wish. Select Thought Balloon, and your text object will trail a series of little thought balloonlets,  which you can likewise drag and resize. Select None for a traditional, balloon-free text object.

You can't resize or move your thought or chat balloons from inside the

Text Properties Dialog

. To resize or move your chat/thought balloons, you need to exit the dialog and click on your text object's chat tail or one of its little thought balloonlets. This will cause three size markers to appear. You can drag these about to move or resize your text object's chat or thought tail. If you want to move the chat or thought tail to another side of your text object altogether, direct your attention to:

Balloon Tail Location

This group of radio buttons will be enabled if you've chosen the "Speech Balloon" or "Thought Balloon" options on this page. These buttons let you select the side of your text object on which you want to display your chat or thought balloon tail.

The Text Properties Dialog

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