Text Properties Dialog "Columns" Page

Text Properties Dialog "Columns" Page

This page, which only appears on the properties dialogs of tracks text objects, gives you the option to display your CD tracks in multiple newspaper-style columns.

How Many: This control lets you specify how many columns you want.

Style: This control lets you specify how you want your text split between columns. In balanced mode, each column will contain an equal number of tracks (or as close to equal as possible). In front-loaded mode, the first column will hold as many tracks as will fit, then the second column will hold as many of the remaining tracks as it can fit, etc.

Margin between columns (cm): This control lets you specify a margin that will appear between each column, in centimeters.

The other controls on this page apply to particular columns. They'll be disabled unless you've set the how-many-columns control to be 2 or more.

Column Number: specifies which column the Horizontal Orientation and Hole Wrapping controls apply to.

Horizontal Orientation: specifes the horizontal orientation for text in the currently selected column.

Hole Wrapping: specifies the hole wrapping mode (what to do when the text encounters the CD hole) for the currently selected column.

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