Text Properties Dialog "Curving" Page

Text Properties Dialog "Curving" Page

This page lets you make your text curved (or not), and lets you set various properties for how curved text should behave.

Text Curving:

Straight: With this setting, your text will display in a straight line. Since most of the other options on this page all relate to curved text, they'll be disabled if you've selected the straight-text setting.

Curved: With this setting, your text will display in a circle (or an ellipse, to be more exact).

Spiral: With this setting, you text will display in a spiral.

Fit Curve to Label: If you check this box, the ellipse that your curve follows will automatically be centered on the label and will have the same aspect ratio as the label. It's the default option. Check this box if you want your text to curve around the edges of the label. If you uncheck this box, your text will fit itself to the bounding rectangle of your text object, and you can resize the text object to change the dimensions of the ellipse that your text follows.

Curve Direction:

Clockwise: Curved text will circle your label in a clockwise direction.

Anti-Clockwise: Curved text will circle your label in an anti-clockwise direction.

Auto Choose: Curved text will circle in a clockwise direction if it's primarily on the top half of the label, and anti-clockwise if it's primarily on the bottom half. For spiral text, it will always go clockwise. If you have the Fit Curve to Label option checked,  your text object will be centered on the label, so it will usually go clockwise.

Starting Angle:

Use Horizontal Orientation: The software will use your horizontal-orientation setting to determine where the text should start. If you've chosen left orientation,  the text will start at the leftmost edge of your text object. If you've chosen right orientation, it will end at the rightmost edge of your text object. If you've chosen centered orientation, the text should both start and finish an equal distance from the center of your text object. Note that if your text is in spiral mode and it fills more than one complete revolution, the text will be treated as if it's left justified, regardless of your horizontal orientation setting.

Fixed Angle: The text will begin at the angle you choose. 0 degrees is directly to the right (3 o'clock). The angle increases in a counterclockwise direction, so 12 o'clock is 90 degrees, 9 o'clock is 180 degrees, and 6 o'clock is 270 degrees. If you've got the Fixed Angle setting checked, you can click on the circle to the right of the "Fixed Angle" radio button to choose a start angle, or you can use the spin control on the edit box underneath the "Fixed Angle" radio button to adjust your start angle by one degree at a time.

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