Text Properties Dialog "Curving" Page 2

Text Properties Dialog "Curving" Page 2

This page lets you edit some of the more obscure properties for curved text. We created the features on this page primarily to help meet some of LightScribe's particular requirements, but they're useful in some other circumstances too, and we know our users are a creative bunch, so we've added this public interface to allow you to play with these features yourself.

If this page is disabled, it means that your text is in straight rather than curved or spiral modes. You can change your text to curved from the "Curving" page of this dialog.

Curve Inner Diameter: This feature lets you control how far inward your curved or spiral text can go. Spiral text (or curved text with hard returns in it) will normally curve or spiral inward until it's nearly doubling over upon itself, or, if the "Fit Curve to Label" property is set, until it reaches the CD label's hole. You can change this setting to make text stop curving inward at whatever diameter you specify. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker uses this feature to restrict the bounds of curved text in LightScribe's Title and Content modes to stay within the Title/Content mode boundaries.

Insert Linefeeds after Each Track: This allows you to start a new line with each track when you're in curved-text mode. This option will be disabled if you're in spiral or straight text modes, or if the text object you're editing isn't your tracks object.

Limit Text Range: This allows you to specify that you want your curved text to fill a subset of a circle, instead of a full 360 degrees. It's useful for making sure that your text doesn't go beyond, for instance, the top or bottom halves of your label. This feature is particularly useful (and was in fact designed for) limiting multiple columns of curved text to filling a particular area of your label.

Start Angle: If you're limiting the angular range of your curved text, this control specifies where you want your text range to begin. To limit text to the top half of the label, for instance, set the start angle to 180.0 and the range to 180.0 degrees. (This assumes your text is in clockwise mode; if it's in anticlockwise mode, these settings would limit your text to the bottom half of the label.) This control will be disabled if the "Limit Text Range" checkbox is unchecked.

Range (degrees): This control lets you set what area of a circle you want your circular text to be restricted to. Setting it to 360, for instance, means no restrictions at all;  180 means that the text will only allowed to fill a semicircle; 90 means that your text will only be able to fill a quarter circle. This control will be disabled if the "Limit Text Range" checkbox is unchecked.

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