The Instant-Label Wizard

The Instant-Label Wizard


If you're in a CD-label-making race, or you don't trust your label design skills, or you just can't be bothered to plunge in up to your elbows among the muck of backgrounds and text and clip art, then Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker's instant-label wizard is for you. We've done all we can to remove as many choices as possible, so that all you have to do is make a few mouse clicks and proceed to the printing. We couldn't remove all the choices, owing to the difficulty of licensing mind-reading technology, but the ones that remain aren't too hard. Those of us at Acoustica who've had some experience with the wizard have been known to get through it in under ten seconds.

Every page of the wizard contains a series of buttons that let you navigate through the wizard. They are:

< Back: go to the previous page

Next >: go to the next page

Cancel: exit the wizard, discarding everything you've done in it

Help: launch this help page or a related one. The evidence would indicate that you already know about this one.

Finish: only shows up on the last page. Closes the wizard and retains all the choices you've made.

These links provide more detail on the various stages of the wizard:

Choose a Label Type

Choose a Theme


Additional Text Fields


You can launch the wizard by choosing the Instant-Label Wizard option from the File menu. If you want the wizard to launch every time you run the Label Maker program, you can specify as much from the Auto-Run Page

of the Preferences Dialog.

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