Instant-Label Wizard "Choose Theme" Page

Instant-Label Wizard "Choose Theme" Page

Just by clicking on a theme in this list, you'll choose the background image, text fields, fonts, tracks format, and general all-around layout of all the labels for your CD or DVD. We think that, for efficiency and far-reaching power, this mouse click ranks right up there with the "self-destruct this entire vast underground complex" buttons that the villains are always pressing in James Bond movies.

Each of the themes in the list on this page displays three pictures representing approximately what your labels will look like if you choose that particular theme. If you're creating a CD project, the first picture, starting from the left, will be your disc label; the second will be your jewel case front booklet; and the third will be your jewel case back.

Once you've chosen your theme, click the Next button to go to the Tracks


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