CD/DVD Label Maker Testimonials

"I do need to thank you for your product and quick response time to any problem I have had. I have changed email addresses 3 times, throw in a couple of computer crashes and ya'll have been there to help me get back up and running. It’s a wonderful product and have been using it for at least 6 years. I don’t even think of going to another product. Once again, thanks and happy trails."

—t curtan

"Best label designer ever, I never use the original printer software that was with my printer because the acoustica software is so much better and easy to use."


"I have been using this CD/DVD Label Maker for several years now and I think it's the best one out there. It's very simple to operate and the results come out very professional. So, you nice folks out there at Acoustica, please keep up the good work. I have also had many compliments on my work when I'm using the CD/DVD Label Maker. Thank all of you at Acoustica and have a great day!"

—Gerhardt Leffler

"What do I think of this product? I love it. I print to both printable DVD's and LightScribe CD's and I have had no problems at all. I print my printable DVD's by way of a Pixma Canon iP7500 printer with fantastic results. My LightScribe discs I burn with an ASUS CD/DVD burner. In fact I prefer to use your program than the LightScribe programs unless I want to use one of the LightScribe templates. All I can say is that if there is anyone out there who is not using this program for their label printing, they don't know what they are missing. Keep up the great work."

—Reg Hallam

"I've used your CD\DVD Label Maker for a couple of years now and love it. I'm not aware of another product that can do as much. The GUI is simple and easy to understand. I have used it to produce 100's of professional looking covers. "

—Brad E.

"I found your product mentioned in Forums when I had problems with the poor software supplied with the HP C5380 printer.

I downloaded and trialed your software for about 20 minutes, and realized it was what I needed. I then purchased it. The whole exercise in the download, installation, trial and purchase has gone very well.

I intend to keep using the Label Maker, and will be looking also at your other products.

Some of these sourcing and acquisition processes can be frustrating, and I can't believe this has gone so well so far.

Thanks heaps."

—Ian Robertson

"I have *not* found another product that equals Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker and believe me I had researched a lot of similar products before purchasing yours and I can tell you that I am a very discerning buyer.

I believe it's an intuitive and easy prgram to use that is ageless and that does everything and more than I, or the majority of users, would want or even need it to do.

I would like very much to thank you for your support and interest even though I had purchased your product quite some time ago. Your communication tells me that you value your customers and believe in your product and the combination of the two is very rare to find these days. "

—Brian Agius

"For two days I'd been trying to get my current software to recognize the artists and song titles on music compilations. I finally used your trial product. We purchased shortly after deleting all the other products. Great job people! "

—Mervin Harris

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with a recent purchase of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. I very much enjoy making DVD videos for people, and when I do I also like to include a professional-looking label. With your software, the background, the colors, the text...they come out perfect every time. Great job! "


"Not only easy to use software, but the tech support is outstanding. Rapid response and a real pleasure to deal with. You guys Rock!"

—Lewis, Colorado

"Brilliant software, best I have used."

—K, Oxford

"CD/DVD Label Maker was so easy to use and super user friendly. No re-learning necessary! Great program I fully recommend. "

—Mark, Vancouver

"Thank you for the upgrade. Your label maker is intuitively easy to use, but still very detailed with many fresh "looks". We use it exclusively for our DJ service with great results.
We appreciate the upgrade, especially when some software companies FORCE users out of previous versions of their software by removing support, then expecting the end user to buy new versions at full price. (Anybody heard of Intuit and Quickbooks) ??? Best wished for your success "

- Mark Lindemer / President Trans Audio, Inc.

"After having had the tremendous pleasure of being a semi-pro' rock 'n' roll singer back in the 50's, the very next best thing to "bouncin' around" up on stage was to write/record my own songs. About 12 of my tracks have been 'demoed up' over the years, but what I dearly wanted was my very own label and - BINGO !! .... I discovered ACOUSTICA !!
I've never believed in giving false or undeserved praise (why should I ?). So, from way down to the soles of my shoes, I give ACOUSTICA the most honest and sincerest praise I can think of i.e. "It does what it says on the tin" ( it really is easy to use !!). Also, in my opinion, their vast range and wonderful choice of Background themes is "second to none" ... all we could possibly ask for ..... brilliant !!
Obviously I'm retired now ....can still get through a song though !! But when it comes to Computers, and all that technical stuff, I need help at times. Once again, ACOUSTICA 'came to the rescue' i.e. I needed help for printing a certain type of label and ACOUSTICA were there 'at the drop of a hat' with all the help and guidance I needed !! ... beat that for an all-round package !!
The only thing I have to gain by what I say, is the 'honest delight' I feel in hopefully helping fellow Vocalists and Musicians to at least 'give this Product a spin' .... you've every reason to be thoroughly satisfied and content !!"

- David Farrow
Romford, Essex, United Kingdom

"Hi! My name is Sarah Micol and I'm a musician. For my demos I needed on one side something really easy to use and on the other side I wanted to make my labels really professional. I wanted something allowing me to be creative, and that's what I've found in Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. It's great. I downloaded the trial version, after having tried many other similar products, but I found there's nothing like this. Plus, you have a great product at a cheap price! It's unbelievable! Thank you very much!"

- Sarah Micol

"Thanks for your "wonderworld" CD/DVD Label Maker. I have continuously searched the internet for something similar. There are lots of similar products, but NOTHING EQUAL."

- E. Cabral
São paulo, Brazil

"We gave your CD Label Maker software a test drive and we were sold within minutes. When we run out of CD label sheets, someone runs out to pick up a package to finish getting a project out, so we must have a dozen varieties of labels on hand. Acoustica can handle them all, and easily! Gotta go now - to purchase our full version. Thanks for the great product, Acoustica!"M

- Susan Mitchell
Anchorage, AK

"Your Acoustica CD Label Maker is the best in this planet! I may have to go to Mars and beyond to find a better product, but why would I do that when I am so happy with what I have? Congratulations and many thanks for making my life so much easier!"

- Happy Tallahassee Lassie

"I downloaded and tried your label maker and found it to be a fabulous product. I turned right around and purchased it on line. For many years I used Roxio 6 to do my labels. I recently made the BIG mistake of upgrading to Roxio 8. Suffice it to say that it is one of the biggest pieces of junk to be peddled to the unwary consumer. The label maker portion of the program is so convoluted as to drive a fairly intelligent person to distraction. I was able to use your program and print out labels in record time without so much as reading anything in the help menu. Thanks so much for producing such a fine product at a reasonable price."

- G. Welker

"I love this product and the company support. I have had the label maker since 2004, have switched computers and couple of times now, and of course transfer did not go well and I lost the program. Each time I came to the Acoustica website and within minutes had the product downloaded and up and running, and with the latest updates!! My new computer has LightScribe labeling, it was great to see this feature in the new Acoustica label maker, I just tried it, WOW, so much easier than the program loaded on my computer. I'm not much of a manual reader, like to just open a program and play, I watched 5 minutes of online tutorials and was labeling within minutes. Great Product, Great Support!!"

- Jim

"I downloaded the trial software and had a perfectly printed CD on my Epson R220 less than ten minutes later. No tweaking or adjustments, just a nice label with little effort. Same results with the second. Bought the software immediately and had the software registered only moments later. Thanks!"

- George Bennett

"I bought Staples labels today, and boy are they cheap!! In spite of that, I burned a CD and used one of those cheapies for the CD. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down in your label list, there was Staples Labels. I've used Acoustica for about three years and love it! Now, I love it even more. Keep up the good work."

- Joyce G.

"This is one of the most impressive pieces of software I have ever purchased. It is used to produce CD covers for a semi-pro band in the UK. I am so impressed that I intend to look at other products from your range, if they are as good as this label maker, they you will have another sale. Thanks for a great product and super support"

- John Marriott Location
Northamptonshire, England

"You just made the best Label program even better by adding the Light Scribe Technology to it. I have had Light Scribe capabilities for two years but the label programs left a lot to be desired. Your program is tops in my book and by adding the Light Scribe capabilities, you have continued to improve your product. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more Light Scribe art packs in the future. Just another kudo for ya, all your products I have purchased work as well as your label program. Thanks"

- G. Hoskins

"I have used Stomper, and I believe the name was Fellows, and one or two others that I might have downloaded from the internet. I am overwhelmed how easy and user friendly your label maker is compared to the others. Does exactly what I want and then some. I have recommended it to others and showed them how it works. they didn't hesitate to buy their own. Very reasonable price. also another feature that I really like, I don't have to buy high priced labels. I believe your software adapts to every kind sold. Thanks for a great product."

- D. Blunk
Wellington, Colorado

"I was watching Jewelry TV while downloading all the files that came with the Acoustica Gold Bundle. The host was saying that he justifies spending money on parcels of stones, because he always finds one stone worth the entire purchase price, and all the rest is free. Your software is like that - the CD/DVD Label Maker is easily worth the price of the bundle - then on top of that you throw in more free stuff to go with a great program. Yours is the ONLY program out of five I tried that read ALL the CDs I tried, and put ALL the disk info on ALL parts of the label layout. Considering the average price of each piece in the bundle, your program is also the cheapest, at an average of $11.43 each not counting all the extra free art!! Thanks for your obvious hard work in making such great value!"

- Carl Anglin
Phoenix, AZ

"You Guy's Rock, I cant believe that the printer that I bought had only very limited software, I did a google search for a cd label maker that I could use with my new Canon PixMa 4200, Not even nero could read the the printer interface, BUT once your link popped up in Google, I downloaded the free demo and as I am currently re-organizing my music collection for a big DJ Job that I'm doing for the company I work with next month, I thought I better get my act together, Your program is so user friendly that I bought it over Pay Pal, its now the second thing I have ever purchased on the internet, and I am really happy, after purchasing through Paypal, I received 2 emails 1 receipt from paypal and one product key from Acoustica, the 21.95 USD that I paid for (29.70AUD) was well worth it, and it turned my demo into the legit thing .....two words to describe the demo transition,.......Two Easy !!!!!!,...Keep up the awesome work all the way from Melbourne Australia"

- Dj Sean M@tters
SoundAdrenalin Productions
Melbourne, Australia

"I want to take this time to tell you that I think you have a wonderful program. I know that it is a simple program and not a deeply involved a program. However, it's straight forward, well designed and deserves five stars . I am so glad I ran across your program. Thank you from producing such a fine, professional, and user friendly program. Regards, Jerry"

- Jerry Allison

"I probably have six label programs, each with its own irritating limitation. I downloaded the Acoustica trial version, made a label, then promptly purchased the program. It is simple to use, has great options and produces a wonderful end product. THANK YOU!"


"Hi to all at Acoustica!!!!. This CD/DVD Label Maker for me......ROCKS!! It's straight forward, quick and easy to use. I've tried a few label makers but none match this and I've recommended the software to all my Family and Friends. Try it and you'll never look back. Thanks again Guys and keep up the great work!"

- Alex Rodgers
Aquitaine, France

"The Acoustica label maker is the best label maker program and easiest I have seen or used. I used to use SureThing but now it is Acoustica for me. The tech support is knowledgeable and fast also. Keep up the great work."

- Mark Ciochetto
Seaford, NY

"Your product is simply the best label making software I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot of them. I do not share programs with my friends, but I have recommended Acoustica to everyone I know. Keep up the good work."

- G. Bowes

"I have never seen a better Label Maker. I have tried this program for a year now and it is fantastic. When I first bought this program I was disappointed to discover that it did not have my printer included, but I recently downloaded an upgrade and was delighted to find it is now added. Canon i965. Thank you for this inclusion. Regards,"

- Kevin Wilson

"From all of the software I have ever bought your Label Maker program has to be the best value for money I have ever spent. Very low purchase price, exceptionally easy to use, very user friendly and flexible, works flawlessly every time I use it. I liked my version 2.55 so much that I decided to upgrade to version 3.03 because of all the added features. I clicked the upgrade button as I thought I would get a discount being a previous user. What a shock I got, FREE absolutely astounding even going from version 2 to 3. I highly recommend anyone to purchase your software, it works, it is priced right, excellent support, even lost key numbers are not a problem. I wish other software developers would follow your business practices. Keep up the good work, as a customer I am so impressed with your product and service I just had to let you know. I have never written a product testimonial before."

- F. Mitchell
Edmonton, Canada

"I am absolutely pleased beyond words!!!!! I have spent three times the cost on other Label Making programs and haven't gotten one tenth the quality or simplicity of use!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic cost and ease of use for your Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Marcia G. Risner
Tipp City, Ohio

"Hi all! I said I'd buy your product if you included support for my Canon i965 printer. You did, so I did! And guess what? It worked like dream! The first CD I printed was BANG in the centre and needed no adjustment at all. Thanks again,"

- Les Glover
Sydney, Australia

"Acoustica has a list that tells which printers have the ability to print directly on the face and because of that list I found and purchased this awesome Epson R320! Using your wonderful software and this excellent printer my DVD's look FANTASTIC! Very professional! Thank you for such a great product. Now if they'd put together an art-pack for weddings and special occasions I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Thank you all of you at Acoustica!"

- Marla Riedling
Shepherdsville, KY

"I'm impressed! I just bought your software about an hour ago and I had to let you know how excited I am about it. I use a lot of high-end programs (Adobe and Corel) for graphics, photography, audio and video editing and I wanted to print labels directly to CD\DVDs. Your label making program is much, much more than I ever expected, and at a price I couldn't believe. It's very easy to use, even the first time, and would be an incredible bargain with just what comes with the original program, but when you throw in all of the free downloads of patterns and artwork, I'm just amazed. I've never seen anything like it at this kind of price. Glad I got it now before you realize how much you could get for software like this. Thank you so much!"

- Michael Aiken
Dallas, Georgia

"Attention: Acoustica, I have downloaded a lot of software, simply because I won't buy any without trying it first, and I have to tell you that your label maker is the most straightforward, user friendly and filled with every option possible, plus a few I didn't think of buy loved all the same. I just wanted you to know that as soon a I have the opportunity, I will be purchasing the label maker and definitely trying out some more of your trial software. Thanks for having trial software. It's greatly appreciated. Cheers!"

- Kimberley Harder
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

"I am not in the habit of writing testimonials for software that actually does what it's supposed to do. After all, that's what I paid for and I expect nothing less. But your CD/DVD Label Maker is in a class by itself, as far as I'm concerned. It is so easy to use that I had printed out my first label and jewel case inserts within 10 minutes after installing the program--and that was WITHOUT using the wizard. With the wizard, it takes me less than 5 minutes! And the printout actually fits the Avery labels and inserts I have without my having to make adjustments to the printer. I have tried at least four other label maker programs, including Roxio and Nero, but none of them compares with your product. This was so simple, I nearly cried tears of joy and relief. This is software as it was intended to be: it makes the end user's task easier and even fun! As I said, I don't usually write testimonials, but I would have felt guilty if I hadn't done so in this case. Great job!"

- William Marsh
Gales Ferry, CT, USA

"When I first got into computers buying software was all rather daunting for me. I wanted to try my hand at label making for my c.d's and for my DVD's. I bought several label maker programs..quite honestly a lot of them were not very good. I wanted something really good and one that would give me rather professional results. Well I found it on the internet...and it was called ACOUSTICA ! I would never change it, it is one of the best label creators on the internet, and you can even download free label artwork, that is wonderful ! I have told all my computer friends about Acoustica and even have a friend who lives in Canada using your Acoustica now. He thinks it is just brilliant. Acoustica is so easy to use. And it is really great how I can import the tracks from my c.d right onto the label that I am making. It is indeed one of the BEST DVD and C.D label maker programs on the internet, and it was worth every single penny. You can use this as a testimonial of you wish. Keep up the good work. This is a SUPER, BRILLIANT PROGRAM and I just love using it. Yours faithfully,"

- Alex Kerr
Bo'ness, Scotland, United Kingdom

"Your program was straight forward, easy to install and use. In just a few minutes I was putting together my CD compilations from my iTunes Library using your exclusive "Layouts" system which has saved me tons of time and makes life way easier for people like me who require to make many Back-ups and compilations quickly! I love my CD LABEL MAKER!"

Newark, DE

"I really like the program. It's very easy to use. After crashing my computer, I really appreciated the help in restoring my label maker program back on the computer - even a caveman like me can do this!!"

- Willie Stone

"I've used your Label Maker for over 2 years now and many, many of my CD's and DVD's have labels that were made using your software. I just upgraded to the latest version and now I can print directly onto disks using my Epson R200 printer. Your customer support is excellent! To sum it up, you're first class people to do business with. Thank you, Frank Gunja."

- Frank Gunja
Kansas City, Kansas


- Mike Thomas
Wales /U.K

"You guys got it goin on, I have said right along that if you have a decent label on your CD's or CD-RW's you tend to take better care of them. Thanks for being there kids - keep it up and thanks for this Photos Forever just installing it now but I will let you know what I think."

- Lisa Fijalek
San Diego

"Dear Acoustica...First of all thanks for the best label program ever. I have been for years been a JERK and used your program with hacked or stolen Keygen...and am not proud. But, lately you updates have been so brilliant. that i decided to buy it and support your hard work. which i should have done in the first place, but its never to late to become legal user i guess, enough of trial versions for me. Best regards,"

- Jens Hofby
( Happy user now )

"Just over a year ago I produced a DVD slideshow for a charity. I burned over a 100 DVDs. The label making was by far the most time consuming and frustrating part of the project. I used 3 different software programs and various types of labels but just could not get the image I was using consistently aligned to the labels and I ended up using nearly double the amount I needed. I wish I had known about your CD label maker then! Today I downloaded it and immediately started using it without any alignment problems whatsoever. It is so easy to use and produce really professional looking CD/DVD labels. Very good value indeed. Well done!"

- Douglas Shewan

"Thank you for adding the Mini Disc printing with my Epson Stylus Photo 2100. Worked perfectly after updating to Version 2.47. I am most impressed as I had sent a request for this functionality without expecting it to happen. What a super team you must be."

- Colin Bradley

"Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 2 produces excellent results at an affordable price. It is user friendly and a steal at this price!"

- Digital Video magazine

"AMAZINGLY easy! Thank you! I've been so frustrated with my own CD labeling products. I truly can't believe how simple this is. Not to mention the many different options you offer. Highly recommended. Gratefully,"

- Roylene P

"I have been searching for a first class , easy to use cd/dvd label and jewel case insert maker. Tried various makes including Easy Creator and Nero but have suffered problems with both. (Instructions not straight forward and poor results.) Found Acoustica on Google and have used for two days. This is a product that is first class in every aspect from ease of use to fantastic results. I was so impressed with the trial that I placed my order before the expiration of the 7 day free trial period and am now producing my inserts with professional results. Am eagerly awaiting my CDs from you and know that the accompanying photos forever is going to be a first class asset. Thank you Acoustica for such a quality product made with the novice PC user in mind."

- David Baker
Caldicot , Wales

"Just love the CD/DVD Label Maker have tried other makes and I find this the best and very easy to under stand I recommend Acoustica It's GREAT. I am 65yrs & didn't think I could do It .Labeling Is SOOO easy Please try! Thanks Acoustica!"

- Eileen
New Zealand

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with all of the Acoustica products I now have. Label Maker, Mixcraft, Audio Conversion, MP3 Burner and MP3 Audio Mixer. All have performed flawlessly. These are so simple to operate. Unlike other programs there is no need to take a course at your local university to understand the mechanics of each and every program. So far I have made well over 700 labels and jacket inserts for my DVD collection. I have burned all of my VHS tapes to DVD and finding the proper label to use was no problem at all. Using Acoustica to write the label was the ultimate in pure satisfaction. Thank you so very much for a product that performs as you say it will."

- Raymond Ellis
South Carolina

"WOW!!!!!!!! you guys and gals are fantastic. My computer HD crashed I lost everything, as does everyone. I thought I had it covered, because I had printed out my ID#'s and reg. codes but when I tried to use them , they were deemed not valid. But to make a long story got me going in a very short time, you fired back , not only the new ID#'s and codes...but instructions on how to put it all together. I have used your products for years now, and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks again - a happy customer,"

- Malcolm Greene Sr.
Pomeroy, Washington

"You know, I read all the other testimonials and thought at the start - these were probably written by the authors (I've seen that done before)- they sounded too good. But it soon became clear there were some very happy people out there using Acoustica product. So I downloaded a couple of applications to try and was so impressed with their ease of use an functionality, that I purchased the Power Pack Pro bundle within the hour. This is by far the best group of utilities I have seen and I have been looking for quite some time now. One of the features that really grabbed me, was the direct interface from the CD label maker to my Canon PIXMA printer!! No more accepting the limited choices in the Canon software - now I can create real quality labels for my CD's and print directly from the Acoustica CD Label Maker application. I had need to seek support on installing one component (due to my own silly error) and had an overnight response!! Quite exceptional service. When you read the other testimonials, don't think for a minute that they exaggerate - I can tell you they don't. Acoustica make a fantastic product!! Buy it, you won't be sorry."

- Rob Young
Adelaide, South Australia

"Hi - I am just writing to say how impressed I am with your site and the efficiency, promptness and friendliness I experienced. It only took a few clicks to feel totally confident in dealing with you. I have purchased the CD/DVD Label Maker and it is truly brilliant and extremely user friendly, not to mention excellent value for money. Regards, Mary"

- Mary Edwards

"Congratulations on a superb product, I tried several others but couldn't afford the time to get a degree in their use. Simple to use but very comprehensive, it simply stole the pants off other competitors and I was covering basics in no time and now, just days later my cd labels look as good as the real thing. Once again thank you and congrats for a great product and believe me I am not easily pleased. I will now consider the Audio Converter.

- John Lundie
Walyham Abbey ,England


Western Australia

"I purchased an earlier version ( in August '05. It's easily the most 'user friendly' product I've tested and thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Although now retired from the recording industry (gold discs for Python recordings), I believe I know what I'm talking about."

- Alan E Bailey
Nottingham U.K

"Wow, this is a grrreat program. I will be purchasing it soon. I find the program "powerful" and extremely "user friendly" Even a "newbie" computer user could master this in no time. This will be the CD label maker program I will recommend to anyone who is looking for one.

- Pam Myers

"Hi folks, I recently downloaded and installed your Cd labeler. The very first time i used it i was able to create and print a Cd label without even consulting the help files. I found this program a genuine joy to use, it allows so much of ones own creation with total ease. What really is fantastic is the complexity of the finished product is made so simple for the user to create. As you might guess, i am extremely impressed and i love using this program to compose my own Cd covers. Many Thanks!"


"I am a KJ for The Golden Nites Karaoke group. I have used label makers for over 5 years now from another company. I now use the Acoustica CD Label Maker for most of my business. There are so many backgrounds and designs to choose from, much different than the one I have been using. I am so glad to have ordered this. This is a great product."

- Jim Dauwe
Karaoke Jockey
The Golden Nites Karaoke
Burlington, Kentucky

"I absolutely love this product. I do not burn a CD or DVD without also making a label for it. Everyone that I give CDs or DVDs to are astonished at the professional looking labels produced by this program, especially when printed off on a Color Laser printer. I do have one question. What are the possibilities of incorporating label making with light scribe support? That way you have the option of either printing off paper labels or printing directly to the CD/DVD using light scribe.

- Kevin "ZMan" Zeringue
Decatur, Alabama

"Initially it seemed that this software had its limitations. I was looking primarily at the templates and downloaded artwork. As I played around with it I found that you could alter the artwork, insert your own artwork, grab stuff off the Internet and insert it, alter its look, change the text fields...what I'm saying here is that the software if very powerful and makes creativity very easy. I recommend it highly. I was impressed also with the ability to import my playlists from iTunes into the text fields. Wow! Even iTunes doesn't make the playlist thing that easy. You'll love this software!"

- Laura

"You people are so GREAT! I do a lot of video transfers to DVD's & I love the ease & accuracy of your Label Maker. It's easy to get just the right photos for my project and it makes me look very professional. People ask me a lot about different programs for their projects, & i can't recommend your Acoustica Label Maker high enough. I love it! I also do a lot of wedding & infant histories and would love to see more inserts of those in your downloads. I haven't tried your other programs but if they are anything like the label makers, I'm sure they would be great. Thank you, and keep up the good work!"

- Sherma Jillson

"Dear Acoustica......... I just wanted to thank you for the latest upgrade and let you know that I personally find Acoustica "THE VERY BEST" label making program that is available. I have enjoyed the program so much these past few years that I have taken all other "label making programs" out of my computer and use only Acoustica. Again thanks for the upgrade and thanks for being "THE VERY BEST".

- Ray Ellis
Owner Ray-Lyn Corvette

"How pleased I am with the CD/DVD Label maker, easy to follow, set up and much fun to use. It is nice to know that add-ons are available and service is first class from Acoustica. Even CD copy took only a couple of days to arrive from America. Once again well done to all the team."

- Malcolm Davies

"Just a note to wish you all out there in sunny California a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. With quality products like you keep issuing, I know you'll have a "Happy New Year" I just want to thank you for making it possible for me to print amazing CD/DVD labels, and burning great CD's with the MP3 burner program. I also use the Photo's Forever program. I couldn't be happier with these programs, and I've been with you for a few years now. I always enjoy getting e-mail info from you, because I say to myself, "I wonder what they've come up with this time!!" Once again, all the best, and have an enjoyable holiday season out there in the sunshine, as I trudge through the snow!"

- Daniel Fish
Waterloo, Ontario

"I usually don't do many comments....But I had Easy CD Creator and Label Maker....It wasn't working well with XP so I uninstalled and reinstalled and it said it didn't work with XP SP2 and I would need to pay $60 to upgrade it. The HP record Now (that I found hidden in my computer) worked great but I had no label maker. So I did a free trial on Acoustica. The first time I made a label it fit the Neato round label perfectly...absolutely perfectly. And so simple to use. So after a few trials I purchased it for 19.95 and then I find all these wonderful free downloads for cool labels. This is a great and simple program. Thanks so much. I love it."


"Good value for money. Handy features like aligning labels & inserts for various products with ease to importing jpg from PC and/or downloading free designs, make this a great program for the multimedia user."

- Brad Barnes
West Australia

"I bought some packs of CD/DVD labels from manufacturers like Lorenz Bell and Neato, and I got very disappointed with the lack of features on the software of those, especially about how hard and frustrating you can get to produce simple works... Not to mention the instability of some of those software’s. So I decided to download and try several products till I found Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker... My words are: SUPERB! The best of all without any doubts. Great interface (user friendly), tons of functions, very, very easy to manage, supports basically all paper types (manufacturers), and you can get hundreds of art templates. Five starts! I definitely recommend this product. Thank you Acoustica!"

- Rui Pombeiro
Lisbon - Portugal

"A company that listens, having purchased a canon Pixma 4000 last year, I said I was disappointed you had no templates for this. However this year you excelled and most Pixma printers included, hence buying your product FANTASTIC keep up the good work, YOU ARE THE BEST Only gripe is I would like a hard copy (I know I can save to a CD) and fear of loosing my registration etc. A very pleased senior, "

- Yvonne Hopgood
Portsmouth, England

"What a fantastic programme, pity that I had to get it from America, I live in England just shows you how much better these American Programmes are. Found it very easy to use and the free downloads of art etc, brilliant, thanks once again Acoustica. Recommend this programme to everyone!"

- Terence Frederick Hardy
Doncaster, United Kingdom

"This is the best product ever for CD/DVD labels. I have bought another one and it is so limited compared to this one. (Express it) However I had the misfortune to have to reformat my PC and am running your 7 Day trial, I tried to get my registration number from you but have had a SPAM program thing running, I have now removed it and am trying to retrieve my registration number, don't know if you can help. I especially like it when you can print your CD disc label and the two small oblong labels can be used as gift tag labels to accompany disc if it is for a present."

- Kate Buckingham
Winchester, United Kingdom

"I've tried all the CD/DVD label makers including Avery and Fellows, and a host of down-load trial software companies. Acoustica is by far the best and easiest label maker of them all and it includes free downloads for upgrading and enhancing the designs. I am a songwriter and make my own CD labels for marketing the songs. Thanks for making my job so easy. Sincerely, "

- Paul Brown
Pomfret Center, CT

"Dear Sirs. Just a quick note to say 3 words to you about the above programs I have purchased and use regularly, “Fan-Bloody-Tastic! I had some old Pressit CD/DVD labels that I couldn’t use because I didn’t get any software with them when I bought them so the CD/DVD label maker is so good I am able to use them without any messing about setting margins or screwing up a number of pages while trying to get just one label printed, GREAT. Also, my daughter got married at the end of last month and I wanted to put together a CD of wedding music in MP3 format for the reception and one CD to be played at the ceremony whilst I walked her up the isle. I found the Acoustica MP3 CD burner software better than the Nero “Super Dooper Ultra” edition I have, so much so that I have removed the Nero software from my computer in favour of the Acoustica programs. So thanks for producing these easy to use programs, I will have to look into your other products more closely to see if I can make use of them. Yours Sincerely."

- Mr. Fred Dear.
Locksheath, Southampton. Hampshire, England (UK) UK

"Hi, I have just purchased the above product, and what a good one it is.---Forget Nero, forget stomper, forget le genere ---this is number one, and not only that --- what a great support and help team."

- Frank Steele
Manchester, UK

"I HAVE tried many other TRIAL versions of this type of software even though this is the one I have USED and LOVED for the last several months or so. I've tried other Software, but NONE compare to Label Maker from Acoustica! This is by far the easiest Software I have ever used, of any type, period. GREAT PRODUCT!"

-Nancy Tippett
Mount Hebron, NB

"After trying six or so CD labeling software packages, I made an easy choice to purchase Acoustica CD/DVD label maker, even though some of the other packages were free. The main reason was ease of use. It does everything in an intuitive way, just as expected of professional software. The other software packages suffered from some serious limitations & problems. One package would not allow text to be moved once placed on the outline of the CD, or fonts & text colour to be changed. Another package printed the entire rectangular photo images, not just what would appear on the CD, what a waste of ink. Yet another package would not show the CD outline or centre hole over the photographs. Totally useless. The 4th package had absolutely no provision for aligning the printer. Your product does it all & more, at a very reasonable price. I also think Mixcraft 2 is a brilliant piece of software, I have attempted use others, but gave up, too difficult. As you say, "software should be easy to use", Acoustica is that & more. My only regret now is not buying the whole box & dice, Power Pack Pro. I discovered the Power Pack Pro offer after purchasing the CD/DVD label maker software. In too much of a hurry. Thanks for your previous help & congratulations to the software developers & the whole team. I am more than happy. You are more than welcome to reprint any of the above as a testimonial, from an Australian purchaser. Kind regards,"

- Ken Jerrems

"This has to be the easiest and most user friendly software I have ever used for labels. I like the option of adding your own photos for background as well. Great Product!!"

- Laz
Dunedin, Fl

"I'd like to take the opportunity to say how much I love your CD labeling software. I'd tried a few others before, and there's absolutely no comparison. Acoustica's not only the easiest CD labeling software I've ever worked with, it also gives the best and most professional results. The graphics that come with it are also brilliant, and great for encouraging creative ideas. I have no artistic training whatsoever, but I'm actually quite proud of the designs this software helps me to produce. I can no also say that in the unlikely event of any difficulty with any of your products, your help desk is second to none. If you'd like to use any or all of the above as a testimonial, you're very welcome to do so - as for me, I'm about to go and play with Acoustica Photos! Thanks again! Best regards, "

- Maeveen Clancy

"Just wanted to say Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is the best Label Maker there is. I've purchased several before I got this a couple of years ago and they were pitiful compared to Acoustica!"

- Barbara Duncan

"Hi, I think that Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is the greatest. It makes creating my labels so easy. They look fantastic especially now that I have a printer that prints directly on the CD/DVD. They look like they were done by a pro. Your Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is one software program I can't do without and you can't beat the Free Art Images. They are great. You can't get a better deal for the price anywhere. Thank you so much for creating a fantastic program. Love the free updates too!"

- Barbara Duncan
Homer, Mi.

"I'm not generally a testimonial writer, but I had to let you know how happy I am with your label maker. What a complete pleasure! After years of inadequate support from Roxio, and days to figure out how to use Nero, and inadequate capabilities from a few others others, I finally found a CD/DVD Label program that is completely instinctive and does EVERYTHING I want it to do. Lots of free artwork, easy to use my own art, and easy to align for my printer. I just can't thank you enough!"

- David Wolff
Coral Springs, FL

"I have used the trial version of this program, and have just decided to buy it. I found it to be the best program of its kind that i have ever used....and it is so easy. Nothing else compares to Acoustica cd/dvd label maker....I really enjoy using it and seeing the results. Thank you for a great program."

- Vera Clowe

"Well today I downloaded your trial version and 1 hour later, I was purchasing your software. It only took one label for me to know that your product is the premier CD label maker. Intuitive, super easy, and fast."

- Deborah Leach

"I have the CD Label Maker and the MP3 CD Burner programs and they both are awesome. You all do a great job and I should know because my husband is a software developer also. Due to relocating and other situations I have had to contact you all on multiple occasions and you have always responded in a quicker than expected time frame. I frequent your site often and I look forward to future programs you all have. Thank you!"

- Mona Clark

"I was looking for a good program to make DVD Covers and came across your program. Not only does it give me the flexibility to produce professional quality DVD covers, it is a fantastic program for general photographic printing. Very high quality with no fuss. This is the reason I have purchased the product. Thank you, I have been trying for years to produce quality photos like this and have never been successful, everyone who sees the photos gets the WOW factor. Regards,"

- Marshal Rieck
Sydney Australia

"I must say that your software of CD labeling saved my sanity today. I had been struggling for the past week trying to be 'creative' with a CD label for an Anniversary gift with a few "other" programs. Was just about
to give when I got this idea to see what Google had. Came across your software. My creativity soared! All finished within an hour that included the download. Can't believe how simplistic to use yet has so much to offer. Thanks very much!"

- Edna Lou Schaub

"I have had both the CD/DVD Label Maker and the MP3 CD Burner for years. I use both products on an average of about 3-4 times a week. They are, in a word, "phenomenal." And, so easy to use. They are idiot proof. What makes these programs even better is the technical support. You actually receive an e-mail from a live person, when you ask a question. No technical jargon here. Just down-to-earth every day, plain English. Thanks."

- Richard Strang
Sarnia, Ontario

"I have used most of the well known label makers and I can assure you that I have never ever seen a labeler as good as yours. It was only sheer good luck that I found a lite version of your CD/DVD labeler on a CD supplied on a computer mag. It has just got to be the best of it's type on the market. Perhaps, you should advertise yourselves more; I most certainly will be telling all my friends and associates about your products. PS: I also love the light sense of humour in your very easy to understand help files as well. PPS: I know of no other labeler who offers free and ongoing extra art work either as you do. GREAT work ! Keep it up. "

- Ron (Welsby)

"If you have to pay for one, this is the one. When I was looking for a labeling software, I tried at least 15 programs. Some of them were freeware, and some of them were shareware. If I can get something for free, I'll take it. But all of the freeware titles just didn't have the features I wanted. So I broke down and committed to buying a program. I'm glad I found Acoustica. Not only does it do everything I want it to, it is reasonably priced. Here's my top three reasons to buy Acoustica: 1. Ease of use. I like something I can dive right in to, point and click, navigate around it without having to read a user manual or consult the help files several times. 2. Updates and free templates. Acoustica frequently updates the software and makes free artwork available to registered users. 3. Import song tracks. I know a lot of other programs have this feature, but for some reason Acoustica makes it simpler!"

- Karl Jr.

"I tried Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker on a trial basis while waiting for my order of another brand to arrive. After doing a few labels on Acoustica, the other brand arrived. I switched to the other brand when my trial of Acoustica expired. Well, the other brand was SO annoying after the ease of working with Acoustica, I just had to go online and purchase Acoustica. Not only is it easier to use, but also to view what you are working on, and print correctly. It's also easier to input your own artwork, and just where you want it. More flexibility makes it simple to produce exactly the label I have in my mind. I am well pleased to have a program for label-making that is so easy to use and produces such excellent quality results. Thank you Acoustica!"

- Khriss
Planecrash Records
Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland

"I have had the Acoustica CD/DVD label maker since February of 2004 and I wouldn't trade it for two of any other label makers. Here's how I acquired the Acoustica label maker. I had one label maker program which was given to me by a friend. I installed it and tried using it about four times and found it awkward and difficult to use. I went to one of the well known electronic retail stores and purchased a different brand and installed that software, only to experience the same problems I had with the first one. I happened to be on a website about three days later, and I saw an ad for a trial version of the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. I downloaded it and immediately tried using it. I was amazed at how simple it was to use, and the results were fantastic. I not only had my CD label, but my CD jewel case inserts including front and back cover. The results were very professional looking and it all took less than five minutes to make. Thank you for developing such a user friendly software, I was ready to give up on CD/DVD label makers until I found your product. I have recommended your product to everyone I know who burns their own CD's. Thanks again! Sincerely, "

- Henry L. Morin

"I'm writing from Lisbon, Portugal and want to express my gratitude for the EXCELLENT program that I purchased from you to make my CD labels. What a wise decision ! It is so well done, so perfect that I wish you could apply your art capacities to make more products in the same area. I've been HOPING that you decide to create a program for cards and labels. (I keep on checking on the net... perhaps one day...) I've recently ordered from USA something called PrintShop deLuxe that is far too confusing to give me pleasure. BRAVO for your CD labeler, the more I use it the more I enjoy its perfection. PLEASE, PLEASE, start thinking about a GREETING CARD PROGRAM - you are so good that it would be a great success !"

-Dalila Morais da Silva from Lisbon

"This is wonderful software. It does all that you need and much more that you go discovering."

- Laurentino

"We tried this product along with a few others and decided to purchase this label maker. Quite simply it does what we wanted it to do, and more. It is a clever but intuitive package as the interface is very easy to use. There is no need for fiddly calculations to ensure a correct fit which pleased me a lot, so achieved a good label/printer fit without any bother. Am keen to look at other Acoustica products now."

- Kate

"Just wanted to drop a line to say firstly what an awesome product the Label Maker is and secondly what a great company you are. The product is simplicity in itself to use and gives fantastic results. Your company also is the most friendly, efficient company with 100% after-sales support that I have ever dealt with. All of my "queries" have been resolved immediately and completely. I have as a result also bought the Mixcraft programme which is the ONLY programme I now use for making music mixes. Keep up the good work and I look forward to visiting your site again for further updates and fresh products."

- Paul Ashcroft

"Dear Sir. I have never used a CD-DVD label program as good as yours! Congratulations with a superb product."

- Tor Andersen
Drammen, Norway

"I just want to thank Greg and everyone at Acoustica for responding and solving so quickly to the concern I HAD with the 2.33 version of the CD/DVD Label Maker. The v2.34 works great. Thank you so very much for your attention to ONE customer, you folks made me feel I was your ONLY CUSTOMER. Thanks Again."

- Ronn Parreira

"I hesitated in buying this because during the trial period I didn't have much luck with the directions. After checking out the competition, however, I decided to go with it and the results are spectacular! And it all seems so easy now and the options are amazing (spiraled song titles!)--Just about the best software I've ever bought! Sincerely, "

- James Sylvester
Washington, D. C.

"man im a dj & have been trying to find a label software the would let me make a label wit mp3 songs. i have roxio but when u burn a mp3 cd it only sees 20 songs when i have well over 80 songs. well i downloaded all kinds of free label makers. (THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKED HUM? WAS YOURS) the next day i bought it and told my other dj buddies about ya's product. plus ya jus right here in cali makes the more the better. thanx "

Merced, California

"The best, most simple-to-use label maker on the market. Great product. Easy activation. Courteous customer service and follow up."

- Robert Finch
Parma, OHIO

"I have the MP3 CD burner and now the CD/DVD label maker they are the best. I'm not very good with computers, but I'm doing good with my CD burner and labels! I'm a house wife, plus I take care of my Mom."

- Ada

"I absolutely love this program. I looked all over the web, found many programs, tried many programs but this one did all that I needed. I am recommending it to anyone looking to make labels & cases!!"

- Holli Fisher
Port Angelese, WA

"So simple to use and right first time every time. great product and wonderful value for the price. I recommend this product to all!"

- Dermot Lambe

"Got to tell you guys this is by far the best program i have ever used, it beats the crap out of the one that can with my software package, that i bought for my burner. Thanks Keep up the GREAT JOB."

- Jerry Niswonger

"I have used the Label maker and the CD burner faithfully and just recently upgraded. I love it because it is user friendly and I don't need many different programs to fit the labels I buy. EASY! That is what I like and I love the themes. Product support is superior and that is the main reason I stay with Acoustica. Thank you so much,"

- Pat Clark

"Your product is so complete, easy to use, and just plain cool. It's a breeze to open files and use them, and the downloadable backgrounds are great, too. I like the text and colors selections, and the overall performance. It makes my demo and album CDs look great. Thanks!"

- Joey Bonin

"Thank you for a good product. I have looked for a wide variety of labeling products that would be easy to use and allow me to integrate my own art product in them instead of silly generic products that have very little meaning to me. I downloaded your product and within minutes had created the effect that I had wanted for my family video projects. Thank you very much for a product that works well and met the needs I was looking to fill. The purchase was well worth the reasonable price."

- Don Moore

"I would just like to thank you for your prompt response to my problem. I got the code and entered it in the program and am now up and running again. I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with my decision on which program to purchase for this purpose. I researched and tried many different label programs before choosing to purchase yours, and I have never regretted my decision, and with your customer support I still do not regret it! Thank you again."

- Wendy Medla

"I can only but agree with everything your other satisfied customers have said about your product. I, too, tried a few others but gave up when it seemed as if a pilot's license was needed to operate them. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is everything that is promised, and when - as I'm sure it will be - a text enhancement/warp feature is added, there'll be no other to come near it! Right now I don't believe any other can match the ease and simplicity of your track-adding feature. Additionally, when I experienced a small problem, your assistance was fast, friendly -- and immediately effective. Anyone out there looking for a fine label-maker that is extremely easy and a pleasure to use -- look no further. YOU'VE FOUND IT!"

- Fiddlefoot

"I was getting ready to make CDs for my daughter's High School Band this year, when I realized that my easy CD creator program was giving me fits again, and had lost all my previous work! I thought I would never find a good program that was easy to use that only makes labels, then I stumbled across this program! WOW! Its perfect, I can easily import track names and everything, then the real killer, when I go to print on my Epson r200, this thing prints right to it! This is AWESOME! Thank You so much for knowing exactly what I was looking for, You just saved me hours of extra work!"

- Tim Moles

"Your software is the best software money can buy! It is really very easy to use, and your people are real easy to contact and very helpful when we need them!. It is one of the best software programs I have bought over the Internet that really delivers what it claims. Thank you very much to all of you working at ACOUSTICA!"

- claude301

"I downloaded several different labeling programs from zdnet and found this program to be the easiest and most powerful to use. My initial analysis shows that this is a program that is both for the novice user and the advanced user. I had 2 labels made for my daughter's cd's in a few minutes this morning. The program also supports many different labels (not just Avery like some of the other programs I tried). The only thing that would make this program truly top of the line is if it would import my old labels that I have made with other programs (such as .cl4 and .jwl from Adaptec)."

- Dennis

"I have tried several different brands of label maker and I find yours has the very best art. I just love the art packs. Thank you for putting a little humour into my work"

- Lee

"hola. este es un exelente programa para entretenerse pero para poder printiar los label es completamente complicado por que nunca los puedo alianar por mas que trato tengo dos printer tales como hp 3850 hp 1350 all in one pero no puedo aliniarlo uso el papel memorex 3 label in 1 muchas grasia! adios!"

- theanny


- P. Collins

"I want you to know I tried your programme but received another type of labeler as a gift . BUT, and it is a big BUT, I found it <the other labeler> harder to use . With Acoustica I am always successful and pleased with the results."

- Pat

"I have to tell you this is the most Exciting Label maker I have ever seen, Thank you so much, I know I will enjoy this so much, Thanks again Lois"

- Lois Anderton

"I purchased the Label Maker 2.10 and MP3 Burner in May of 2004. For a person who is far from a computer expert, I found these two products excellent and easy to use. Now if I can use them "anybody can". I tried at least 6 other products before purchasing your products and there was "NO" comparison. My neighbor (who is an expert) recommended two different products. Well I did my research and let him try Acoustica, well guess what, he has dropped the other more complicated products and you guessed it he is using Acoustica (he especially loves the Label Maker). Have a great Christmas."

- Gary Copeland
Aurora Ontario

"Hi I love the CD label maker. I have tried a lot of label makers and I think this is the easiest to use - Many choices in design. People think that my CD are factory made. Thanks Acoustica!"

- Blenders42

"I tried your label maker as a free download and after the trial period I had to buy it. It is very easy to use compared to the other ones I already own. Thanks for a fine product!"

- Jim Smith

"Dear Sir: I like it very much (CD DVD Label Maker). I can now tell what is in any CD now that it has a label. Thank you for the many art packs also. Regards,"

- Don Graham



"A fresh approach to picking and developing Labels. Easy to get ideal covers for CD's. Printer friendly, especially using Hewlett Packard PSC printer."

- Thomas Kenny
Madison, WI

"I really like your label maker it is easy to use and can handle anything I throw at it. I think it is better than MediaFACE II any day. Thank you."

- A. Wilson

"I truly love this product, it is so user friendly that even my 9year old granddaughter has no problem using it. Please keep up the great work. I look forward to buying more of your software it is one of the very few brands I trust without question. Thanks Again!"

- Barb T.
Ontario Canada

"I downloaded you free trial of your label maker. Wow, is this easy. I had purchased NTI CD Maker and tried to make CD labels, very difficult and it looked really bad. Then I bought Nero 6 Ultra Edition, not cheap either. This was a terrible experience and not at all easy to use. I never did get a label printed. I’m pretty good at desktop publishing, but not with these 2 programs. I then went looking on the Internet for another label making software program and found Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. I tried your free trial download, I couldn’t believe how easy this was to make a CD label. It took me about 5 minutes to create a professional looking CD label. I didn’t even take the time to read the instructions. I just made it. I’m sold. Today was my lucky day."

- Michael Paine

"I have been looking for a comprehensive intuitive CD label maker for some time and I have found it in the Acoustica software product. Reasonably priced even for me here in Australia. I made my first label in 15 minutes from downloading the software. Great program easy to use and very intuitive."

- Barry Austin

"Just one word: FANTASTIC!!!"

- Joost Schouls
Veenendal - Netherlands

"Your label maker program is the best and easiest I have ever tried. The user interface is very user friendly. The art packs are very nicely made. It is so easy to even add my own art to the labels. Thanks for the great program!"

- Cheri

"I went through the Label Maker and found it to be the best of the three label makers I have. I make labels for several work related projects and the text capabilities far out perform the other software I use. Nice Job!!!"

- Ted Youngberg

"This program is so easy to use it is remarkable. I have told all of my friends about it. I can't wait to try some of your other products but I am a slow learner so I only tackle one new software item at a time. Sincerely,"

- VelmaVillar
Hoquiam, WA

"I want you to know I tried your program and I found it to be excellent fun. I do karaoke and I make individual pocket disc with one or two songs on them. to put up for the DJ. It is great to have them personalized with my name and the keying instructions on the CD label itself. And for the Cover I used great family pictures or my kid's art from School A great way for a granny like me to show off these Grandkids in a Crowd Also can record personal disc and give them out like greeting cards. It is a kick! I Love it!"

- Annymay

"I have been using Acoustica CD/DVD label maker for over a year. This software is extremely easy and user friendly. It creates a very nice and professional looking label for your CD's as well as DVD's. I love the upgraded version of 2.18, there's so many EASY options. I indeed am a satisfied customer. Thank you!"

- Linc1812

"Your software is great. I struggled for months with Neato MediaFACE II and wasted so many labels and so much colour ink in my inkjet printer trying to print labels on Neato Label Sheets. I have wasted more money trying to get their stupid software to work properly than what I paid to purchase yours. I guess this is an example of 'free software is worth what you pay for it'. Regards,"

- Geoff Barclay

"Great product! This doesn't do all the fancy stuff, but it is very easy to use. This is one of the few label programs that saves the label you format and then allows you to print on almost any label on the market. Most other programs require you to recreate the label form for each brand of label. So now I can create all my labels and not be locked into buying one brand of label stock. Yeah!!!"

- Fafow

"Really really happy with it, no messing, no hassle. Great trial preview. Great product, makes everything easy. Brill with Windows XP. Very quick and easy to upgrade. Will defo use this company's products again. Thanks Guys"

- Sonia

"I purchased another CD labeler at my office store. Ever since I bought it, I have had trouble with the program working. Yesterday I ran across the CD/DVD Labeler program from Acoustica and decided to try it out. Installation was a breeze and I am thrilled with the program already. Last night I spent several hours, easily making my own labels and using the instant wizard provided by the program. I decided not to wait for the trial period to expire and go ahead and purchase the program. Thanks Acoustica for making great and easy programs. Keep up the good work."

- Jon Nealis
Lexington, KY

"You have one of the best products in the market. Your main strength lies in the user friendly features and support. I tried many other labeling software. Most fail to compare with yours ..."

- Hans

"Awesome Product! I recently purchased Roxio 7.0 but found that trying to create and print DVD cases was not only extremely time-consuming but almost impossible! You cannot print the entire case without cutting off a big chunk of the picture! I tried this little gem and not only does it take a fraction of the time to make a case but it works flawlessly. You get the entire picture and it's so user friendly, my dogs could use this! I spent over $70 for Roxio and the label portion of it is useless. Those guys need to learn a few things from these guys! Love it!"

- Donna

"Hard to imagine a better way! After trying many many such programs only to find they all work "to a degree".....this is a breath of fresh air simplicity itself.......others would to well to learn a lesson from these guys ...I bought this product within 3 hours of downloading it EXCELLENT !!!!!!"

- John

"I've been using the Acoustica label maker for just over a week now and I must say that I am totally satisfied with it. Having tried other CD/DVD label application programs, I would say that Acoustica is probably the best one out there. It's just easy to use and...well, thank you."

- Alex

"There's no doubt that your program is one of the best for the home enthusiast. Once you get the hang of a few of the little delicacies your creative ability can blossom. I've begun adding jpg pictures to various elements and my CDs are the envy of friends."

- Bernard Katz

"For years I'd wondered why no-one made a decent CD label program. Well, this one does everything you could possibly want. If 7 days doesn't seem like much of a trial, don't worry - it won't take you 7 minutes to decide to buy this."

- From C/Net's

"On a trial basis I e-mailed Acoustica and in less than one day I received a reply from Joseph Clarke and his answer was to the point and it solved my problem. Congratulations on your promptness which lead me to purchase Acoustica. I previously had two other label makers and both have been discarded for Acoustica. Now after I record a movie on my new DVD Recorder my labels look just like I purchased a DVD movie in a store. Great software and thanks."

- Lee

"Near Perfect! Probably the best CD label maker available today. I wonder why Roxio won't purchase Acoustica to integrate this program with Easy Media Creator 7. "

- Bob Lowe

"I Have found your product is extremely adaptable in working with other programs...Most of the pictures for covers I use are from my old floppy drives running on older programs... Your program was the easiest for me to learn in comparison with some of the others I tested before I settled on the purchase of your product...Thanks I am still using the 1996 Version of Windows 98se."

- B. Illium (Canada)

"Acoustica CD-DVD Label Maker - I don't need any help at the moment. I just wanted to tell you that I have evaluated maybe 15 different label maker programs, which may not be a lot considering how many there probably are out there, but yours, by far and away, is the absolute BEST! Kudos! Thanks."

- John Weaver

"I have had two different Label Makers. This is one is the best! It's easy to use. I absolutely love it!!"

- Tina Runkle

"Just a word of appreciation regarding your DVD upgraded Label Maker program. I have been using the older Acoustica Label Maker program for some time and thought it was terrific. The new version is even better. I appreciate so much that since I purchased the older version I received the upgrade free. I feel it is tremendous PR to offer the program free. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase other software from your Company. Thank you again, "

- Ralph Alm

"Does It All! This program is the best I've used for creating cd labels. The wizard makes it easy. I had a professional label set printed in no time. BIG thumbs up."

- From C/Net's

"I love it! It's the best thing on the market. I tell everyone about it. I love the updates you did, thanks!"

- Michael Jones

"New upgrade to CD labeler. Yep, it's everything I want! Thank you so much. I think I'll just stop using any other label program I've been using. I may even volunteer to label my friends' cds. Or, I suppose I could tell them to buy their own copy. I like just designing the labels even if I don't print them out. Thank you so much. It definitely was worth waiting for. Now I'm going to go tell PC World Magazine about you, if they don't know already."

- Sharee

"Hello. I am writing to thank you for such a great labeling program. I have purchased two other programs that were suppose to be easy and quick to master, only to be frustrated by software incompatibility and other problems. When I downloaded yours, it took me about two minutes to produce a perfect label. I bought it immediately. Thanks for a really easy and intuitive program."


"You guys are GREAT! I'm thinking of getting more of your products. Wonderful backgrounds! How about the "scissors" for the cutting (smile). Other than that...........wish I knew you guys existed before. Keep up the good work!"




"I have used several different label makers in the past, all purchased at computer stores. Acoustica has without a doubt the best label making system in the world, and you do not have to leave your house to get it. I have an engineering degree, and I am not ashamed to admit that I could not operate some of the store purchased label making software. Your software is very easy, and more importantly, fun to use. Now the most fun in burning music, is the making of the label. There is a ton of art work on standard windows programs that your system converts to great labels. The new downloads from your web site are great, even the free ones. The thing that led us to you, is the fact that a lot of the store purchased label making software will not run well with windows XP. Your software works without fail. Thanks for a great product!"

- Gary W. Beck
GWB Audio, Hanover Pa

"Labels you can't find anywhere else! This is worth every penny! I have I buy my labels at Sam's at almost nothing and now I finally find a label maker with my exact label and you could not have made it easier to use! Great job!"

- Jo Flores

"This has finally arrived!!! I have been looking and waiting for something like this for a long time! Now I don't have to manually type in the track title and artist name on the CD label anymore!!! Awesome timesaver!!!! It's easy to use too!! I rarely submit my opinions, but this one is so good, I just had to."

- Greg B.

""Couldn't be Easier! :)" Easy and fast to create labels...Definitely will purchase. Thanks!"

- C/NET user comments

"I thought I would just drop you a note to tell you how I enjoy your program. I create a lot of mixed artist CD's for friends and family for presents. I have been asked where did I buy the CD and/or they look so professional. I have informed quiet a few people about your product. Thanks again for your product and the new label releases."

- Cliff Thomas

"I just wanted to say thank you for coming out with CD Label Maker. I have been looking around for something like this in stores and on the web for a long time and quite honestly, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find one. Anyways, I just downloaded the program this morning and printed a couple labels and I am so happy right now. I have about 16 GB of mp3’s in my music library and I like to make my own mix of CD’s and now I don’t have to manually type in the track titles and artist names anymore to make a CD label!! Do you realize how much easier you just made my life?! And how much time you’re going to save me! I’ve downloaded a lot of software from and I rarely leave an opinion, but I left the best opinion I could think of for this one, under the nick name “CD Mix Maker”. I’ve also already called up a couple people to tell them about this!! Thanks again!!"

- Greg

"Definitely an easy and fun product. There are so many things that you can do with this software, which is what I like. Just remember, that most of the really cool features are in the RIGHTCLICK menu, but it's still easy to figure out. When I printed labels, they looked really professional, which I'm very happy with. I recommend trying the product at least."

- Rick N.

"I am not sure how I ran across your product. This is great! I had been using the Easy CD Creator 5 along with the Fellowes-NEATO MediaFaceII (very complicated). My friends were impressed with my previous method of producing CD's and labels. Now they were all just amazed! I am having a great time! The artwork is so easily transferred into this program. So much to choose from! It has kept my interest for quite some time. One more thing...the price...very reasonable! I had made price comparisons previous to purchase. An upgrade for the Easy CD Creator (program included with the purchase of my new computer) is $69.95. NUTS! I have already recommended Acoustica to some of my friends!"

- Teresa Schuelke

Wow, wow, wow!! I'm really impressed with your products. I was looking for a decoder for my MP3's and after I downloaded it.....I told myself it can't be that easy, but it is. I'm not a patient person and the learning curve is simple. So I downloaded your CD label maker. Again, it was easy to use. I have a label maker that I haven't been using because it so hard to use. I made my first label in less than 5 minutes, without reading the help section. I'm going buy your Power Pack in the next few weeks.

- Karen

"I wanted to personally thank your team for answering in a timely fashion, my support questions, plus the quality of your service is exceptional. I have your CD Burner and CD Label Maker software and am pleased with both. It is rare, out on the net, to find quality writing and product. Again, a job well done."

- Claude H. Meek

"I just want to say after searching for years for one that anybody can run, this is the best I've ever run on my computer. I will tell all my friends . you have the best in my mind . !!!!"

- Bob

"First of all, I want to thank you for your promptness in addressing the registration problem. Your promptness is very well noted and very much appreciated. I have only used the software one time, and it seems to be very friendly in use. I have an Epson Stylus Photo Printer and it actually will print on the CD. Looks very cool. Very good job.

- James Thomas

"I guess I should tell you to start with that I don't make/print CD labels myself, although I always have a go at making inserts for the CD jewel cases. I say have a go, because until I found your site, it had always been very hit and miss. Acoustica CD Label Maker has certainly changed that. It is a great product. Testing it has resulted in great inserts for most of my CDs."

- Marcia Townsend