Virtual Instruments

Pristine sounding emulations of vintage keyboards, analog synthesizers, pianos, orchestral instruments, drum machines.

  1. Acoustica - Founded in 1998 and located in the foothills of Yosemite Valley, Acoustica’s mission is to create high quality, intuitive and powerful software. Our motto is "Software should be easy to use".

    Pianissimo Virtual Grand Piano

  2. IK Multimedia - IK Multimedia designs apps, software, hardware and accessory products for music creation and playback on computers and mobile devices. Recreates classic legendary products in the digital world.

    Miroslav Philharmonik 2

  3. Manda Audio - Developers out of Germany, Manda Audio design products with a focus on replicating realistic circumstances early in the process during microphoning of the set and recording of individual samples.

    MT Power Drum Kit 2

  4. Musiclab - MusicLab specializes in creating the world's finest software guitar instruments RealGuitar, RealStrat, RealLPC, RealRick & RealEight. Feature-packed, real-instrument sound design.

    RealGuitar Virtual Instruments

  5. Native Instruments - Leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. Pushes technological boundaries and opens up new creative horizons for professional and amateurs alike.

    Komplete 11

  6. Spectrasonics - Founded in 1994 out of LA by Eric Persing, former Chief Sound Designer for Roland Corporation. Spectrasonics develop world-class samples sound libraries setting the standard of excellence in the industry.

    Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments

  7. Syntheway - Founded in 2004 in Buenos Aires by Daniel Laiseca. Develops pro audio plug-ins for Microsoft and Apple operating systems. Offers Software Synthesizers and Samplers for computer-based music production using advanced sampling engine based on real instruments multi-sampled and synthesized techniques.

    Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments

  8. Toontrack - Superior Drummer and EZ Drummer are the undisputed industry standard, award-winning and complete drum production studio VI’s that gives you full creative control to hone, mold and shape drum sounds.

    Superior Drummer

    EZ Drummer

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