MP3 CDs Preferences

This preference page allows you to quickly set up rules that specify how your MP3 CDs will be created.  You might choose to run the wizard instead. 
You can set the following MP3 CD burn modes:

This will attempt to burn the most compatible MP3 CD.

Play List order is preserved!  Songs will be renamed to "01-My Song", "02-Blues Traveler", "03-Rocking Out", etc.  (This ensures that the alphabetical order will be the same as the Play List order.)
Converts WAVs, OGGs and WMAs into MP3.  (Most MP3 CD players support MP3, and some support the other formats.  In this way, the potentially unsupported files are converted to the most common format.)
Trimming, Fading, EQ, Normalization, Volume and Boost settings are IGNORED. 

FAST (Default)
This is the fastest option.  Songs get burned "as is".  

Play List order is not preserved.  Songs will play alphabetically on MP3 CD players.
Trimming, Fading, EQ, Normalization, Volume and Boost settings are IGNORED.
Fastest option

This option allows you to specify the exact settings for your MP3 CDs.

Supported formats. MP3? WMA?  If your MP3 CD player supports MP3, click the box next to MP3.  Click the "Settings" next to the checkbox to set the minimum and maximum bit-rate and whether or not it supports VBR, etc.  
Convert unsupported formats to?  Set this option to the destination format for any files that need to be converted.  ** Note that you can specify the destination format bit rate by clicking the "Settings" button next to the format you've chosen. (Note that OGG and WAV are not destination formats, by design.)
My player supports folders.  Click this if your player supports folders and then click "Settings" to specify further options, including how to handle sub-folders and the maximum # of songs and folders, possible.
Play order preservation.  More on this
Maximum file name length.  (Some MP3 CD Players may not support the full 63 characters for each file name.)