Burn A CD!

You've got your songs arranged the way you want.  You are ready to create your custom CD!  Note that you will have to have a supported CD recorder in order to burn a CD or DVD.

Note: Did you want to burn an MP3 CD or an Audio CD?  You can select this and the media size on the Song List screen.  More

Blend or Mix Adjacent Tracks Radio DJ style! 
Selecting Too Much Audio 
Burn Options 
Burn Process 

Blend or Mix Adjacent Tracks Radio DJ Style!
**This only applies to "Audio CD" mode.**  You can create a CD where the tracks mix into each other.  Click "Cross Fader Settings" from the "Song List" menu or click the "DJ Fader" button on the toolbar.  See the DJ Fader dialog for more information.

Selecting Too Much Audio
After clicking "Burn CD!" from the "Song List" menu 
or clicking the "Burn CD" button on the toolbar, 
you may see a window titled "Selected Audio Will Not Fit!"  

If you have more than maximum minutes of audio selected, you can do one of three things.

1. Fade out the extra audio.  Choose the length of the fade.  The default is 2 seconds.
2. Cut off the extra audio.  It may not sound graceful…but the option is available.
3. Cancel the dialog and remove some tracks and then try to burn again.

Burn Options
After clicking the Burn button, the "Burn Audio CD!" window comes up with several options that you can set.   To start burning, click the "Start" button.

Burner Speed 
Number of Copies 
Convert All Tracks To WAV Files First

Test Burn Mode 
Test And Then Burn Mode 
Burn CD Mode 

CD Burner Options 

Convert all tracks to WAV files first.
**This only applies to "Audio CD" mode.**  This option will ensure that all tracks are first converted to WAV files before being written to the CD.  You are required to check this option if you are mixing between tracks.  

Burner Speed
This defaults to "Max" which is the maximum speed possible on your CD recorder.  1X speed recording is comparable to the amount of time necessary to playback an audio CD. Since an audio CD holds 74 minutes, it will take 74 minutes to record an entire CD at 1X speed.  An 8X speed recorder will take 74/8 minutes, which is about 9 minutes.  If you are lucky enough to have a 16X speed burner, it will take about 4.5 minutes to record an entire CD!

If you are having problems recording a CD or if you wish to do other things during a burn, such as browsing the web, you should choose a lower burn speed.

Make (Number Of Copies)
If you are making more than one copy, change this control to the number of copies you wish to make.  You will be prompted to insert the blank audio CDs when needed

CD Burner Mode

Test burn. A test burn will simulate an actual burn without using a blank CD-R. You will be required to put a CD-R in, but it will not use the burn laser on the CD-R. It is mainly a test to see if the data can be delivered to the CD recorder quickly enough to avoid 'data starvation' or the famous 'buffer under run' error.

Test and then burn if successful test.  This will perform a test and then if the test goes smoothly, it will start the burn without any user interaction.

Burn CD!  This will go straight to burning an audio CD.  (No tests will be performed in this mode.)

Burn Process
The burn process involves a few steps. The screen shot below shows the burn/test progress window.

The burn process consists of several stages.

1. All audio files must be "Prepared".  DJ Twist & Burn analyzes all songs to determine the exact length.
2. Some or all tracks will be converted to WAV files first.  The tracks may be converted if they need to be normalized or auto-trim settings or trimmed.  See the Preferences to set these parameters.
3. Burn or test begins.
4. Each track is burnt or test-burnt.
5. Burn or test finalizes.

You can abort at any time by clicking on the "Abort" button.  If burning, aborting after stage 3 will result in an unusable CD.  (DJ Twist & Burn will ask you if you are sure you want to abort, though.)