File Menu

New Song List
Creates a new song list with a new title.
Short Cut: Ctrl + N
Open Song List…
Opens an existing song list  made previously with DJ Twist & Burn
Short Cut: Ctrl + O
Save Song List
Saves the current Song List.  If nothing was saved before, it will prompt you for a file name.
Short Cut: Ctrl + S
Render To File..
Renders or mixes your song list into one or more audio files. More...
Save Song List As… 
Saves the song list in a specified location. 
Opens the Preference window. 
Recent DJ Twist & Burn Sessions
This is not an actual menu item.  However, the 8 most recently used DJ Twist & Burn session will appear under the File menu.  Just click one of this previous DJ Twist & Burn sessions and it will load into the session.
This quits the program.