Find Your Songs

There are many ways you can load songs into the software

Find them  Add them  Drag them in from Windows 

Rip them    Scan For Songs 

Finding your songs
Find a Specific File 
Find By Specific Directory or Folder 
Find By File Type 

Playing Your Found Songs 
Sorting Your Found Songs 
Edit Tag Info 
Locate Song In Library 
Delete a song from the Library 
If you don't see the "Find Songs" window pictured below, click the button on the toolbar.

The software will first search your Music Library for matches.  After that, it will scan your computer for new songs.  As it finds new songs, it will add them to your Music Library and if it matches the query, it will show up in the results.  Note that if you do not want it to scan your computer for new songs, that aren't already in your library, uncheck the "Search for new songs" item.

Find a Specific File
You can search for a song by its title, artist or genre.  For example, if you are looking for songs by "Billy Bragg" you can type 'bragg' in the  "Search for" field without the single quotes. Then press the 'Search' button. 

Just click the songs you wish to add to the Song List to be burned to a CD.  Once selected, the checkbox will appear checked and the text will turn blue.  Or, alternatively, you can click the "Add Found>>" button to add all found songs to the Song List.

Find By Specific Directory or Folder
You may also search for songs by directory or folder name. 
For example, if you had a bunch of music files in a folder called 'My Music', you could search for those files by typing 'My Music' in the "Search for" field.  This is useful if you don't remember the exact name of a song, but know where it is stored.

Playing Your Found Songs
You can play and preview your songs directly from the Find window.  Just click the button next to the song.  See more on playback

Sorting your found songs
You can sort the songs by clicking one of the column headers.  Click the column header again and it will sort it in the opposite direction.

The screen shot above shows where to click to sort by that column header.

Find By File Type
You can also select what file type you would like to filter the search by.  For example, if you need to find WAV files, make sure to search on ".wav" or if you are looking for WMA files, search on ".wma".

Adding songs
If you know where you songs are, you can quickly add them directly into DJ Twist & Burn.  To do this,  click the "Add" button on the toolbar or the Add button   on the right side.  You can also select "Add Songs" from the "Song List" menu.  
A standard window will pop up and allow you to navigate to your songs folder. Select one or many songs to load.

Drag them in from Windows
You can drag songs from a Windows folder and then drop them onto the DJ Twist & Burn window.

To do this, double click "My Computer" and navigate to the folder with your MP3s.  Highlight one or many MP3s.  Click on the blue or selected area of one of the files and then move the mouse over the DJ Twist & Burn window.  When the cursor has a + underneath it, you should release the mouse and your files will be imported.

In addition, you can drag entire folders in!  The software will automatically create folders and load in all the contained songs, including songs in sub-folders.  

Edit Tag Info
You can edit a track's tag information (track name, artist, album, genre, year or comment)   by right clicking the song and selecting "Edit Tag Info" from the right click menu.  This brings up the Edit Tag Info window. 

Locate Song In Library
You can quickly locate a song in your music library by right clicking on a song and clicking "Locate Song In Library" from the right click menu.  This will cause the library tab to be displayed and the track will be highlighted in gray.

Delete from Library
This is a useful option if you find a song, which you would not like to show up in your search results.  Rather than go into the library tab to delete it, you can click "Delete from Library" on the right click menu, to have it removed.  Note that you will still need to go to the Library menu and select "Empty Trash" to permanently remove it.