General Preferences

Use small toolbar
Check this to save vertical screen real estate on the toolbar.  (It shrinks the toolbar.)

Create log file
A log file will be created during operation of the software so that errors or program defects can be tracked.  If you feel you have found a bug or are having technical problems, please send us your 'cdburner-log.txt' file located in your DJ Twist & Burn directory.

Use Acoustica's ASPI driver
If this option is checked, the software will attempt to use special ASPI drivers supplied by Acoustica's web page.  The ASPI layer is how the software communicates with the CD drives.  (Note that these special ASPI drivers are not part of the default download.)  See for more info.  

Show Song List Columns
Choose which columns to show in the Song List window. 
  • Title
  • Length  (In Time)
  • Tempo (BPM)
  • Orig BPM  (Original Tempo)
  • Key
  • Orig Key (Original Key)
  • Pitch Adj.  (Pitch Adjustment in half steps)
  • Time Stretch (% of original)
  • Effects (Any Meta Preset in use)
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Genre
  • Status
  • Type  (MP3, OGG, etc.)
  • Format  (Bit rate, channels, etc.)
  • Size (Megabytes)
  • Track # (Original Track Number)
  • Location (File location)

    Advanced Goldenhawk Drive Override...
    If the software does not detect your CD or DVD recorder automatically and/or is defaulting to use WinXP IMAPI mode, you can try using a generic driver.  Click "Goldenhawk Drive Override..." and select the CD recorder in question and then select "Use A Generic CD Writer Driver".  Click OK and restart the software.  If the software crashes, you will need to delete a file called "DEVICES.DEF" from your DJ Twist & Burn folder.   Find out more about this on our online help @