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Help With This Software
This is where you are now.   I hope you are enjoying the software!
This will launch your default web browser with the website .  You should connect to the Internet in your usual fashion if your browser does not connect you automatically.
Buy Now On-Line
This brings up the screen where you can purchase a registration code to unlock the software for unlimited usage.  Depending on the method you register, a  registration code will be delivered at any time of the day or night in a matter of minutes!  More
Enter Registration Code
This brings up the screen where you can enter your purchased registration code into the software.
Check For New Version…
This option will contact our website to see if there is a new version of DJ Twist & Burn available. 
Acoustica Software Products
This option will bring up a sub menu with some of our other products.
About DJ Twist & Burn…
This brings up a window with copyrights, credits and contact information for DJ Twist & Burn.