DJ Fader Dialog

These project settings determine whether songs are beatmatched, faded or transposed automatically.  The DJ settings are applied when new songs are added to the song list or when you click OK.

Apply To Project / Selected Songs
The changes you make will be applied to the current selection or the entire project depending on the value.

Cross Fade Between Songs
If this option is checked, songs will be automatically cross faded and overlapped based on the following:
  • Overlap tracks by - The number of seconds to overlap songs by.
  • Fade tracks by - the number of seconds to fade in and fade out songs.
  • Fade In - The type of fade in to apply.
  • Fade Out - The type of fade out to apply.

    Beat Match Songs
    If this option is checked, songs will be beatmatched and time stretched to the following settings:
  • Tempo - The master tempo or BPM for the project or the select of songs.  Songs will be time stretched so that they have the correct tempo.
  • Get Average - A convenient function that sets the tempo to the average tempo of the selected songs or all songs.  (Depending on whether "Selected Songs" is checked above.)
  • Trim songs by - Automatically trims songs by X number of beats so that you can get to the important parts of the song.  This helps to trim songs that have excessively long intros and endings without a strong beat.

    Use Harmonic Mixing
    If this option is checked, each song will be pitch adjusted to match the previous song using a special harmonic mixing system.

    Actively Maintain Settings
    If this option is checked, the software will attempt to keep the best beatmatched, cross faded, and harmonically mixed song list as possible.  This will affect deleting, moving and adding new songs, as well as shuffling and sorting.  IMPORTANT: If this option is off, any edits such as moving or deleting songs could cause the mix to be unbeatmatched or unharmonically mixed. 

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