Mix Down/Render To Audio File

If you want to mix down the entire song list to a single file or series of files, select "Render To File..." from the "File" menu.  You might want to do this, if you want to change the format of some songs or create a continuous mix MP3 for your portable MP3 player, such as an iPod.   Click "Render" to render the song list to audio file.

Tip: If DJ Twist & Burn does not support your CD recorder, one option is to mix down to multiple WAV files and then import them into a program that is compatible with your CD recorder to do a burn.

Audio Format
Choose from MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG.  Click Details to change options for the selected format, such as bit rate, channels, etc.

This is folder where the mixed file or files will go.  The "Space Available" items reflect the space available on the folder's hard drive.  Type in a new folder or select a new folder by clicking "Choose..."  (If the folder does not exist, DJ Twist & Burn will ask you if you want to create it.)

Save As One Large Continuous File
If this is checked, it creates one huge mega-mix, exactly as you hear it.  Fill in the track title, artist, album, genre and year for appropriate tagging.  If this is unchecked, it uses the tag information from each track in the song list.  

Tip: If rendering to multiple files, the playback software or player will most likely introduce gaps of silence during playback and, therefore, the transition may not sound great.  (Render it as one continuous file, if in doubt.)

(If you want to get your songs onto a portable MP3 player or a folder as quickly as possible and don't care about edits such as trims, fades, beat matching and effects, you should use the Transfer Song List feature, instead!)