Transfer Song List To MP3 player/folder

Everyone has a portable MP3 player these days.  To quickly move all songs to a folder or your portable MP3 player, simply select "Transfer Songs..." from the "Song List" menu.  Click "Transfer" to transfer the songs in the Song List.

Type in a new folder or click "Choose..." to select a folder or MP3 player.  (Not all MP3 players allow you to transfer directly to them.   If that is the case with your MP3 player, choose a temporary folder and after transferring, add them in the appropriate way for your MP3 player.)

Preserve order by prefixing songs with track number
Some MP3 players have no way of setting the playback order.  This option will force the song list into alphanumeric order by prefixing the track number to the beginning of the song's file name.

(If you want to preserve any edits such as beat matching, pitch change, effects, boost, etc, you'll need to render or mix down to an audio file, instead.)