Trimming, Fading and Mixing Your Songs

One of the features that sets DJ Twist & Burn apart from the competition is the ability to edit the mix on a very detailed level. 

Bring up this window by right clicking on a song and selecting "Overlaps, Trims & Fades", "Edit BPMs/Pitch Settings", or by clicking the button. 

Trimming Your Songs
If you have an extra long applause or unnecessary silence, you can trim or edit it out by simply clicking and changing the "Trim Start" or "Trim End".   To hear the trim, click either "Preview In" or "Preview Out".  (Note that if you have the option to "Automatically Remove Silence" turned on, some songs may already be trimmed.)

Fading Your Songs
If you have an extra long applause or an incomplete song, you can make it sound very smooth by simply adding a fade.  You can set the "Fade In" and "Fade Out". To hear the fades, click either  "Preview In" or "Preview Out".

Choose a fade type for each transition.  (It doesn't have to just be a traditional volume fade! )

Overlapping Your Songs
By changing the "Overlap" time, you can mix the current and subsequent song.  Usually, this works well in combination with fading.  To hear the overlapped area, click "Preview Mix".  Note that it will start a few seconds earlier than the overlap area.

Beat Match
If this option is on, the software will time stretch the song to the desired tempo.
If the DJ Fader is set up to beat match, this will be automatically adjusted.   Click "Fix..." to adjust the original tempo, if it was incorrectly detected.  To adjust the overlap synced to the beat, click "Next Beat" or "Prev Beat".  (These buttons will only be available if "Beat Match" is on.)

Change Pitch
This simply changes the pitch of the song in semi-tones.

Navigating Your Songs
When you are adjusting the mix, it is very handy to go back and forth from track #1 to track #2, etc.  Click the "Previous" and the "Next" buttons to navigate between tracks.  (For example, when working on a fade between 2 tracks, you will also need to adjust the fade in of the second track.)

MP3 CD Note: When making an MP3 CD, if you want to hear trims, fades, time stretched or pitch shifted, you must make sure to choose "Specify Settings" and then click the option "Use trim, volume, EQ, Boost, fading & normalization settings".  Also, be warned that this will cause the "Convert" stage to take a long time, as it will have to re-render into new MP3 files.  (Overlapping and mixing will not be preserved in MP3 CD mode!)