Using Effects

Effects can enhance your songs, jazz them up or even remove vocals!  DJ Twist & Burn comes with 7 built in effects: Delay/Echo, Reverb, EQ, Compressor, Flanger, Chorus, Distortion and Vocal Removal.  There are three main ways of adding effects to a song.

Meta Presets
A meta preset is one or more effects in a combination effect.  For example, one meta preset might be echo/delay, EQ and reverberation!  To choose a meta preset, simply right click on a song, click "Effects" and then select the meta preset you'd like.

Tip: To change the effect for a bunch of songs at once, select them all by holding the Shift or Ctrl key down and clicking them or by selecting "Select All" from the "Edit" menu.  Then right click on the selected songs and choose "Effects" and the desired Meta Preset. 

You can also choose a meta preset by selecting a song in the Song List and choosing "Adjust Song Volume/Boost/Effects".  Choose an effect from the drop down.

Create Your Own Meta Presets
Create your own effect presets if you can't find the right one in our default installation!  DJ Twist & Burn will also support VST & DirectX effects, which you will need to turn on if desired via the preferences

Right click on a song and select "Adjust Volume/Boost/Effects".  To edit a preset, select the preset and then click "Customize".  To create a brand new preset, select "<Create New Meta Effect>" which brings up the following Meta Effect window.

Click on the drop down control called "Choose A New Effect".  Choose "EQ".

The left side of this window shows the selected effect and the right side lets you adjust the settings for the effect.  In the case of EQ, we can adjust the various frequency bands and the output gain.  Each effect will have it's own controls.

You can choose more than one effect.  The effect on the left is the selected one.  The order of effects also matters.  You can adjust the order by dragging them up or down or by clicking the 'Up' or 'Down' buttons.

The selected effect, "Delay" is shown in red on the left and it's controls are on the right hand side.  If you wanted to edit the EQ some more, you would click on "EQ" on the left side of the window.

When you are happy with your effect selections, click the little "X" button on the upper right hand side of the window.  It will ask you to give the Meta Effect a name.  Type in a name and you're done and your Meta Effect will now show up in the Meta Effect list!