DJ Twist & Burn™ is an extremely easy way to edit and shape your music. 

What can you do with DJ Twist & Burn?
You can 'beatmatch' or mix your music so that the beats of your songs line up without any jarring change.  Trim the fat off songs by getting rid of silence, talking, applause, long fade outs or fade ins.  Change the key of any song so that you can sing or play along with it. Harmonically mix your songs so that each transition is as smooth as possible.  Remove the vocals from songs for Karaoke like songs.  Add EQ, echoes, flange, reverb or any effect, including VST or DirectX effects.  Mix down your song list to an audio CD or MP3 file.

Who can use DJ Twist & Burn?
Professional and amateur DJs can use the software to create the perfect seamless beatmatched mix.  Fit minded and health oriented enthusiasts can create CDs or MP3s for workouts such as aerobics, spinning, running, bicycling or whatever makes you sweat to the beat.  Cheerleaders, dancers, ice skaters or other artistic performers can create masterful tempo adjusted routines.  Dancers, ravers and night owls can easily build their own sets for the ultimate dance mix.

Quick Start

DJ Fun
Beatmatched CDs
Crossfading Fun
Changing A Song's Key
Making A Beatmatched MP3
Removing Vocals From A Song
Making Songs Sound The Same Volume
Using Effects