Crossfading Fun

In addition to beat matching your songs, you can create wonderful cross fades where each song blends into one another for a seamless song.

DJ Fader Cross Fade Settings
Each song can be automatically cross faded by default.  When you set up a new project, make sure that the "Cross Fade Between Songs" option is checked.  If you are already building a song list, click "DJ Fader" from the toolbar or select "DJ Fader" from the "Song List" menu.  The DJ Fader window will come up.  We will focus on the cross fading part for this help.

Choose a default overlap and fade time.  I like to fade by overlap and fade by 12 seconds.  My current favorite fade type is RezH + Pan, which is High Pass Resonant Filter with beatmatched panning!

Adding Songs To The Song List
Add songs to the song list by ripping CDs or by adding audio files, such as MP3, OGG, WMA or WAV.

Listening To Your Cross Fades
What you hear is what you get.  Listen to a song by clicking the play icon next to it or by double clicking.  To hear how it will sound fading into the next sound, drag the play cursor to the end or right click on a song and select "Preview Track Ending"

Fine Tuning
If the fade isn't quite right and needs adjusting, click on the sound and then click on the "mixing" button on the right hand side.  Or select "Overlaps, trims & fades" from the "Song List" menu.  The following window comes up.

If the mix is clashing, you might try increasing the fade out of the current song.  Adjusting the "Trim End" may also help.  To edit the second song, click "Next >>" on the lower left hand area of this window.  This will take you to the next song where you can edit the "Trim Start" and "Fade In".  Then click "<< Previous" and click "Preview Mix" to hear how the overlapping area sounds.  You will probably have to go back and forth in this manner to get the mix perfected.

Changing the Fade Type
To add some real pizazz, try changing the fade in and fade out types.  Volume fades are old news.  Try some filter fades or beatmatched panning fades!  List of fade types available.