Audio Problems

Some songs sound too fast or too slow!
The song has been time stretched too much.   If the song has been time stretched, it will have on of the following symbols next to it.
This track has been time stretched
This track has been time stretched from 10% to 20%
This track has been time stretched more than 20%  (It may sound wrong.)

To turn off beatmatching, click on the "DJ Fader" icon and uncheck beatmatching in the DJ Fader dialog.  Alternatively, you can turn off beat matching for each song, by selecting the song and choosing "Edit BPM/Pitch Settings..." from the "Song List" menu.  Uncheck "Beat Match" and click OK.

A song is in the wrong pitch or key.
One of the automatic modes of the DJ Fader is called "Harmonic Mixing".  If this is on, all songs will be pitch adjusted by a maximum of 2 semitones in order to match the key to provide seamless mixing.  You can turn off Harmonic Mixing by going the DJ Fader and unchecking "Use Harmonic Mixing".

Vocal Removal Is Not Working
Remember, vocal removal is not an exact science and will vary in results from song to song.  More Help On Removing Vocals.