Changing A Song's Key

In addition to changing the tempo of a song, you can also change the pitch or key.  When you add a song to DJ Twist & Burn, it analyzes the song's tempo and key.  It will let you know the key and whether it is major or minor.

Changing the Pitch Or Key of a Song
It's really easy to change pitch or the key of a song.  Click on the song and select "Edit BPM/Pitch Settings".   Check "Change Pitch" and adjust the pitch by +/- 12 semitones.  It generally sounds better to go down in pitch.

To adjust the pitch of all songs, click on the "Next >>" track and repeat the process.  When you are all done, click "OK"

Harmonic Mixing
In most cases, matching the key of all songs in your song list would sound really bad or really weird.  For example, you might have to pitch adjust some songs by 7 semitones.  The farther a song is pitched, the more unnatural it seems.

The second best scenario is a technique called "Harmonic Mixing", which matches adjacent songs by key, perfect fourth, perfect fifth or relative minor.  This method results in songs that are transposed at a maximum of +/- 2 semitones, which is tolerable.  The end result is an amazingly smooth mix from song to song!

To turn on Harmonic Mixing, click "DJ Fader" on the toolbar or click "DJ Fader" on the "Song List" menu.